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August 15, 2009

Greg Bisconti


Q. What did you feel like when you made the cut?
GREG BISCONTI: When I left here, I didn't think I made it. A lot of people were saying, it's got a good chance, not playing a whole lot of TOUR events, I wouldn't know how the cuts tend to go. So I really didn't think I made it. And then people were saying I did. And back at the U.S. Open people thought I was in the Open and I didn't get in so I didn't want to get my hopes up.
I didn't think about it too much. I just watched. Once we got inside the Top-70, so after about an hour and a half, we figured we were in. I didn't get a chance to think about it until late last night because I was busy answering e-mails and texts and so forth.

Q. Does that feel pretty good after Medinah?
GREG BISCONTI: Yeah, you know, Medinah, that was just a deer in headlights there. I played a fantastic round the first day, but the second day was just kind of a blur. This week, I'm more in touch with what I'm doing out here, more present, you could say. I'm playing golf, as opposed to before I was just really trying to figure out what to do out there.

Q. Where were you when you found out you made the cut?
GREG BISCONTI: Well, I mean, technically, I was at home at the house I'm staying at, but we were at the merchandise tent, and once we moved, I had my BlackBerry and once we got inside the 70th spot, I knew that we probably were not going to back out of it, so I was shopping.

Q. How many e-mails, texts did you get?
GREG BISCONTI: For the first time in my life, I wasn't able to keep up with it all. It had to be 50 to 60 various messages. At one point I just turned the phone off because we were just trying to hit balls and it got to be so much. But I read them all, I answered most of them, and they are all from my family and friends and members of the club at St. Andrews. So they are a pleasure to read.

Q. And how do you approach tomorrow's round?
GREG BISCONTI: Well, I think I used up most of my emotional -- I don't know what you want to call it, but I used up most of my emotions the first two days, all of the grind and focus and today I got deflated and I didn't hit too many good shot out there.
After I got to 4- or 5-over par, I lost track of how many over I was. I felt like I used up all of my energy the first couple of days. Just trying to enjoy that I'm playing in day four of the PGA which is a feat for itself as a club pro. And part of me wants to go out and shoot as low as I can and there's no reason why I can't.

Q. How was it' playing with Camilo?
GREG BISCONTI: It was fantastic. Once I saw the pairing, I called my daughter immediately because she fell in love with him out at Southern Hills two years ago when we played the PGA there. Once I told her the pairing, she nearly fainted. I said when we get going up 18, make sure you run around back and get to the scoring at the point and we'll take care of you. She got a picture and autograph and ball.

Q. What was your particular difficulty today off the tee, putting; anything in particular?
GREG BISCONTI: You know, it's just like I was telling Mike coming up 18, my caddie, if you're just a little bit off-center on the clubface, balls just creep into the right rough, left rough, they creep into a bunker.
There wasn't anything particularly awful. It just wasn't pure and you have to be -- out here you have to be very tight and everything has got to be in the middle of the face. You can't fall asleep. I felt asleep a couple of times out there, a couple of real bad bogeys. For the most part it wasn't too bad.

Q. Is there any one moment where you're going to go back and look back on?
GREG BISCONTI: I think just making the cut. For club pros, that's just huge. I had plane reservations out of here Sunday morning. I'm realistic. Club pros don't tend to make the cuts out here. So I think when I look back, I mean, the second round is going to be an important round to look back on because it was 72, it was the day of the cut, it was even par, and it was a shot when I needed to shoot it.

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