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August 15, 2009

Grant Sturgeon


Q. Trying to keep the round together because obviously you start out your good spot and what happened after that?
GRANT STURGEON: You know, I just struggled today. My short game's always by far the weakest part of my game. And just my speed's been bad the first two days. I hit the ball incredibly well and just made nothing. And today I just putted even worse. I think I had three 3-putts but I put myself in bad spots, too. I didn't leave myself easy putts out there on the course. But the short game, it's just pretty bad. And you hit a few bad shots and just turned into 80.

Q. Is it more just what you said part of the game causing the problem rather than the atmosphere and the fact that you're playing in a major?
GRANT STURGEON: Yeah, you know, I was actually probably more calm today than I was the first two days. And I don't think that factored into me playing poorly. I just really struggled with my short game and put too much pressure on my long game and then it started to struggle a little bit. Still awesome out there. Had an absolute blast. Go out there tomorrow and try to get back to what happened on Thursday and Friday.

Q. What was your opinion of the way the course is set up today and obviously the wind factor today?
GRANT STURGEON: I thought the set-up was great. I didn't have any problem with it at all. The pins were fair and good. And you know the greens were actually, until about the last five to six holes, pretty receptive. I thought the last six or seven holes they were noticeably firmer.
But other than that, you know I thought the course was very playable. I don't know what the numbers are that everybody else is shooting but it certainly seems like you can make some birdies out there today.

Q. Any further conversations with Mr. Ford?
GRANT STURGEON: You know, not really. I talked to him. He said everybody at the club was excited and just to go out and have fun.

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