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August 15, 2009

Yong-Eun Yang


Y.E. YANG: There was a lot of wind actually today, so I was anticipating probably reducing one or two strokes would have been good for myself, but somehow I ended up getting about five strokes. So I was good and hopefully I'll continue this pace tomorrow as well.

Q. Talk about the conditions out there, how tough it was.
Y.E. YANG: I'm not that long-sided so I just tried to concentrate on every shot that I was making at that time.
As I said before, the wind was a bit of a factor, but apart from that I just took it one shot at a time.

Q. Must be interesting for you to see your name up on the board with the likes of Woods and Harrington and Els and big names like that.
Y.E. YANG: It's a privilege to be listed on top with those names, great names and great players that I admire and respect. Probably hopefully I'll be playing as good as today tomorrow so probably have my name on that board tomorrow as well.

Q. Is there something that was a big difference from Thursday and Friday to today for you that you were able to score so much better?
Y.E. YANG: The first day wasn't such a smooth start. But the second day, first five holes, four bogeys and first five holes, it was a bit of a nerve-racking experience for myself. So stopped trying to force it. And just tried to make the cut. And somehow it just all came back to me like earlier this year.

Q. You beat Tiger once. That gives you a lot of confidence that you can do that again tomorrow on a bigger stage?
Y.E. YANG: You never know in the world of sports and the game of golf. So just try to make every shot, just focus on every shot that I have. And then tomorrow I may end up inside the Top 10, top 3 and even win the PGA Championship. You never know. And that experience would certainly help.

Q. Could you tell us the circumstances when you beat Tiger, what tournament?
Y.E. YANG: That was back in 2006, HSBC Championship, back in Shanghai. And the last day he teed off with Retief Goosen, he was leading, and Tiger was 3 or 4 strokes back. And he didn't really have much confidence in winning over those big names so I just went for broke and somehow I won the tournament.

Q. Are you going to go for broke tomorrow?
Y.E. YANG: I don't know. It's a different case with Padraig. But with Woods, he's won 70 times now. I've only won once so it's sort of 70-to-1 odds. Yeah, might as well go for broke as well.

Q. You had a very successful year on the PGA TOUR this year. Why have you been so successful and how much confidence does that give you going into tomorrow?
Y.E. YANG: Well, I believe in luck. And it's certainly been a lucky year so far. I think it all started from the second stage of Q-School and it was the last day, last putt, and I made a 7-foot uphill putt and I think the confidence just took a turn and ever since then it's been sort of I wouldn't say downhill in an easy way, but it's been easy and that's why I had one win under my belt now.
So, yeah, it's a lot of luck. I mean, apart from working on my game, it's been a lot of luck and also, yes, that helps a lot with your confidence as well.

Q. After winning the Honda, you had a little bit of a lull. I think you missed four cuts or so. And then you played really well your last four starts. I think they've all been Top 20 if I'm not mistaken. Is there anything going on with your game that's caused you to kind of hit a little bit of a hot streak now?
Y.E. YANG: Like anybody else, I got a bit excited after my first win, and that probably took a toll on my focus and probably pushed myself a bit too hard, probably was a bit too aggressive. I sort of wanted a taste of victory again. So that's sort of the cause of why I missed the cut for four consecutive times. Now recently I've sort of mellowed down a little bit and tried to regain my focus again.
And that's been quite helpful, and hopefully I'll reap the benefits this week.

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