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August 14, 2009

Andy Murray


A. MURRAY/N. Davydenko
6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How were the conditions out there today?
ANDY MURRAY: It was tough. I mean, it was obviously hot. But in terms of -- I played on the second court yesterday, and it felt quite a lot slower on the second court than the center felt very fast.
Obviously with the heat, the balls were flying quite a lot, too. Middle of the second set got a little bit breezy, as well. It was tough and probably why there was quite a lot of mistakes early on in the match.

Q. So how would you rate your performance?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I did what I had to do. Every time I've played against him, you never feel like you're playing your best tennis because he takes the ball so early. He rushes you. You know, pretty much every rally he plays really, really aggressive. I had my game plan, and I did it really, really well in terms of the way I struck the ball.
I mean, it's tough to know, but I felt great against Ferrero yesterday, but today, just different match and was very happy with the way I executed my game plan.

Q. It was pretty important those last two games, wasn't it? If you allowed it to go to three, it could have been different, couldn't it? You played a good service game at 4-All.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. Of course it could have been different if it went to three sets. Yeah, I served well today when I needed to like I have done in most of the matches and maybe got three free points off my first serve in that game.
Maybe that was one of the main differences. I was putting a lot of returns back in play. I was able to get more free points off my first serve. I think he was struggling a little bit with the sun on one of the ends and was kind of kicking his serve in.
Like you say, that was a big game because he was starting to hit the ball better.

Q. You've done exceedingly well in the Masters events the last couple of season. What do you think you need to do with your game in order to translate that into perhaps winning a Grand Slam?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I think I've done pretty well in the Slams the last couple of years, as well.
You know, it's got a lot better. You know, obviously it's the first time I made the semis at Wimbledon, first time I made the quarterfinals at the French, obviously made the final of the US Open last year, and now I'm -- well, not a whole lot, really. I mean, I've lost to guys that I've played against them quite a few times, the guys I've lost to, and they've played incredible tennis to win against me, and I've lost a few close ones.
I don't know that there's a whole lot that I need to do differently; just get a little bit better in a few areas, and with more experience, you know, I'm sure I'll do better.

Q. How much do you feel the training you did in Miami -- is that a huge part of how well prepared you are to play here?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, a lot of it is the rest, you know, to feel fresh coming in. You don't normally feel the effects of the training that you do until maybe a little bit later on. It takes I think a few weeks for that to kick in.
I mean, just to get used to -- getting to the weather was the No. 1 thing that has helped me so far, because although it was hot out there, the humidity is not the same as in Miami. I felt pretty comfortable after most of the long rallies.

Q. How long were you in Miami?
ANDY MURRAY: Two weeks.

Q. Two weeks?

Q. Would you rather play, in this time of year in North America, play in hot, humid weather just because you think you have an advantage?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I do like these conditions. I think the hotter that it is -- you know, I do play quite a lot of long points. Like I said yesterday, I trust the training that I've done.
I think I've worked really hard off the court to be in the best shape possible, and you know, if my opponent has done that work, as well, that's great.
But I feel like I've worked hard enough to sort of go into these sort of long, tough matches in these conditions in better shape than my opponent.

Q. Is it hard for a guy from Scotland -- I know you were in Barcelona for a while -- to get used to a place like Miami?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I mean, I'm sure it would be. It's just that I've done, well, traveling around the world since I was 12, 13 and got used to playing in this weather, these sort of conditions, quite young.
I've played a lot in the States, and like you say, since sort of 15 I've played a lot of tournaments in Barcelona and in Spain and obviously trained there. You know, you just get used to it if you train enough in it and spend a lot of time in the heat.
You know, the toughest conditions I think to get used to are, you know, the ones in Australia when it gets like, 42, 43 degrees. It's just brutal. The court is so hot. But the humidity I think I'm used to now.

Q. On a day like this, do you know how much weight you lose during a match?
ANDY MURRAY: I try and not lose any, you know, if you drink enough. Yeah, I mean, you're probably going to lose a bit because you don't want to sort of flood yourself with fluids at the change of ends. But if you drink probably and drink the right amount you shouldn't really lose that much weight.
It should only really be fluid that you lose so you can put on, you know, 20 minutes after the match.

Q. If you play Roger, he's been talking a fair bit about, say, the January period almost to Rome when his back was bothering him and you played him a couple times in there. Do you think this will be a different Roger if you play him now than he was in those matches?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I've played him a lot of times before that, as well. I mean, I don't know if his back was bad in the Masters Cup last year, or whenever it started, I don't know.
But I've won against him quite a few times when I think he was in good shape, and I don't expect anything different, you know, the times when I played him before. I got good tactics against him and a good record. I'll take that into the match. That will give me confidence if I have to play him.

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