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August 14, 2009

Tom Lehman


Q. Can you just talk about your round a little bit, please?
TOM LEHMAN: Well, it was a very tough day to play. Very gusty wind and I'm sure that most people struggled with it. And I played the first six holes 4-over par and really didn't play poorly. I get a lot of really good shots and, in fact, I hit nearly every shot just the way I was planning and I'm looking at my card and I'm plus four, over the green, whatever it is, it's playing difficult. To play the last 12 2-under is really good. I'm very proud of that.

Q. How far was the chip on 7?
TOM LEHMAN: Probably about, I have to guess about a 60-foot chip just off the right edge of the green. That really got my round turned around. It couldn't have come at a better time.

Q. Fans really pushed you today, seemed like they were having a good time.
TOM LEHMAN: They were great. That's part of I think the reason why I was kind of pressing so hard early was I wanted to do something to please the fans to let them know that hey, I appreciate you, I'm going to show you that by playing good golf, and I was struggling and just trying to hard and once I relaxed, it was a lot better. The fans here are tremendous, they are the best.
I know that my game is good enough to compete. It's got to be exceptionally good to have a chance to win. I don't think I could be 8-under par right now, but then again, nobody else is, either, except one guy. You know, but I do feel like I can handle this golf course and if I can finish around par, I can feel good about that.

Q. How much did the course change from yesterday to today?
TOM LEHMAN: Tremendously. It's a different golf course. And that's the thing about Hazeltine that I've always noticed, ever since college, is how quickly it can go from being somewhat soft to just hard as a rock. The fairways are as hard as a rock. The greens are firming up and a little bumpy and they are quite fast.

Q. With Tiger leading is there a sense of inevitability?
TOM LEHMAN: I haven't even had a chance to think about that. I was more concerned with what I was doing out there. He's obviously tough to beat when he gets the lead.
But it's a tough golf course, and I don't know who is chasing. It doesn't take much to kind of get a round over board, so to speak, so even the best players in the world can have a hiccup now and then and I think it's up to everybody else to put themselves in position to take advantage if he does.

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