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August 14, 2009

Scott Hebert


Q. Couple bad breaks there on the last two holes. Two bogeys. What happened?
SCOTT HEBERT: 17 plugged underneath the lip. Lucky to make four there. And then 18, it catches, the wind's blowing left to right, hits on the left side and hops left and halfway down the slope and the bunker.
It's one of those things in golf.

Q. What will you take out of this week?
SCOTT HEBERT: Well, I don't know. I'll take my usual frustration of missing by 1. An outside chance it might go to 5 but probably not going to get there. But, I don't know, it's fun. It's nice to play in these and see what they're like. But mostly frustration.

Q. What else will you play in the rest of the year?
SCOTT HEBERT: I'll play my second championship, my chapter, that will be about it. I might have one exemption left. I don't know if it's still good or not from winning last year. And I'll probably play one of those, maybe. We'll see.

Q. Will you go to Q School?

Q. What are the positives you take out of the week?
SCOTT HEBERT: Well, you know, I hit it pretty good. Putted just miserably. A lot of chances to get a score better coming in, 3-putted a drivable hole. I hit it in there 20 feet, 3-putted and birdied 16. Birdied 15.

Q. The greens looked --
SCOTT HEBERT: The holes were cut tough. But it's out there. It was windy but that shouldn't affect me too much. And just disappointed.

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