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August 14, 2009

Mitch Lowe


Q. Can you just tell me about the week-long experience?
MITCH LOWE: Well, it was a blast. It was hard. It was difficult but all of the fans out here and the experience of trying to play golf against these guys was fantastic. Disappointed in the way I played. I played much better today actually, but you know, next time it will be a little easier.

Q. Have all your expectations of the PGA been met?
MITCH LOWE: No. I fully expected to make the cut. I didn't really come close to that, but you know, I know if I play the way I should play, that I could make the cut. Probably couldn't compete against Tiger, but I wanted to play a little bit better than I did, yeah.

Q. What did you learn during this experience and how are you going to apply that back home as a club professional?
MITCH LOWE: In my teaching, because that's what I do, I gained tons of experience from this. You know, I had to plan out shots and what to work on and what's really important. You know, it's not really the golf swing. You see all kind of different golf swings that are effective.
Just trying to make solid contact and being strategic around the golf course. So in that is aspect, I learned a tremendous amount. Personally for my own game, I need to drive the ball much better, and these guys are really, really good with their long clubs, long irons. They are good around the green but shots coming into the greens are fantastic.

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