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August 14, 2009

Tim Clark


TIM CLARK: I don't know, I guess in the morning, you get slightly better greens. Yesterday afternoon was just about impossible to putt. I missed hundreds of putts yesterday, and today, I played about the same really. But yeah, just a lot easier to putt on the morning greens.

Q. They talk about how this course is a bomb's course and a disadvantage to short hitters, but they are.
TIM CLARK: Yeah, but I've got to play out of mind to be where I am. So there's no substitution for length I'm afraid. There's always going to be an advantage, particularly on a course this length. So I'm here right now, but who knows how long I will hang around.

Q. What's working for you today?
TIM CLARK: Just kept it in play and then made a few putts. Yesterday, like I say, in the afternoon, it's almost impossible to make putts out here. So I guess I'll be watching TV this afternoon and seeing what the leaders do, because then if they are making putts, they are doing something special.
The wind picked up at the end. It's gusting, and it makes it particularly tough off the tees. You're trying to get it in play, so it's definitely made it a lot tougher than it was yesterday.

Q. Was there any particular hole where it was affecting you more than others?
TIM CLARK: I mean, you know, a hole like 16 plays pretty tough even though you're not hitting driver there, you're trying to judge the wind and get it in play there and you can get into a lot of trouble on that hole.

Q. What did you do on the last?
TIM CLARK: I was able to get it on the fairway and on the green. Didn't affect me but it's going to obviously make every hole look a little bit tougher, yeah.

Q. Your thoughts heading into The Presidents Cup?
TIM CLARK: Yeah, I needed to play a good round today to get back, just to make the cut really. Yeah, it's a big bonus for me to be around on the weekend and hopefully I can continue to play decent. But yeah, that's obviously a main goal of mine this year is to make The Presidents Cup.

Q. You do have a knack on the long courses; is there something about that that challenges you?
TIM CLARK: I think what's helped me here again is the greens are fairly soft. If the greens get firm, on the weekend it will be impossible. As long as the greens stay soft like this, I have a chance, and that's why I was able to shoot the score I was today. If the greens get firm, I have no chance.

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