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August 14, 2009

Mark Sheftic


MARK SHEFTIC: I didn't drive the ball very well. I think due to nerves a little bit. But I hit my irons good. It got to the stage where if you're not hitting fairways out there you were struggling to make pars.
And at the end I tried to make a couple more aggressive plays just to see what happens and got bit by the bullet. But it was a good time. Like I said, my first experience in something like this, it was fantastic.

Q. Is it pretty much what you had hoped it would be?
MARK SHEFTIC: Everything and more.

Q. As the old joke goes the, guy selling sweaters instead of playing; this has got to be nice?
MARK SHEFTIC: Fortunately I don't sell sweaters. I'm a teaching pro. But it was neat to be on the other side of the ropes for once.
And the guys I played with, Will and Oliver, couldn't be nicer. Great players. And it was fun to play with them and they treated me as one of their peers. And I appreciate that.
And it was a good experience. And I think what this will do is you take a lot out of this. Hopefully I'll get here again through the PGA and I'll be better prepared.
Again, just the environment. I'm not used to it. The galleries, you're not used to it. Like I said, it's just a comfort level out here. Much better players than what I played. And as bad as I thought I hit the ball and drove the ball, I still found a way to scramble a little bit.
But you're coming in and Oliver's right there. Just tried to stay out of his way and sort of -- if I'm rushing a shot, he's under the cut line. So when you get to a certain stage it's an etiquette where you just say, okay, stay out of his way so he plays better. But, like I say, it was an experience that I'll be here again.

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