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August 14, 2009

Vijay Singh


Q. Talk about conditions and the wind and difficulty and putting up long numbers.
VIJAY SINGH: It's not really blowing now. My back nine was really blowing. There's a lot of holes downwind. Most of the par-5s will be down across -- as much of the holes, there's going to be holes that it will happening on.

Q. You said you're disappointed in your round. Can you back up and give us that?
VIJAY SINGH: I could have scored one or two more better than I did. And every time I made a birdie I followed up with a bogey or vice versa. And bogey on the last hole was, the conditions, I was up on top of the hill and then the wind blew. Ball almost went sideways. But that's the way, you have to take the good with the bad. That was a few of the bad ones.

Q. You left here last year not real happy about the state of the greens. I imagine the setup this year almost has to be more to your liking than last year. You were still talking about it three weeks later.
VIJAY SINGH: It's a little better here. Much fairer. There's not so much undulation on it where you can't putt on it. The correct side of the greens, you have a good chance of making putt. Last year it was totally different. I've forgotten about it now. I like the golf course. It's long. It's very fair. I've hit it right.

Q. I thought I saw a quote from you after the British point saying you found some inspiration in what Tom Watson did there. Obviously you're a long way from 59. But how much did that help you that you can compete at that stage?
VIJAY SINGH: What Tom did gave a lot of guys on the Senior Tour a lot more boost than it did to me. But it was incredible competing at 50, 55. If he can do it at 59, I think I'll be able to do it in my 50s.

Q. Did you bring your long putter this week just in case this thing betrays you?
VIJAY SINGH: It's in the locker. It's not too far away.

Q. Did you have faith in your putting?
VIJAY SINGH: I'm putting well. I'm not thinking about it at all. I'm stroking well. Had some nice chances, nice putts. I'm going to go with the good flow I'm having.

Q. That 7-wood turned 5-wood in the back instead of a hybrid. Can you explain the rationale about that?
VIJAY SINGH: There's a big gap between my 3-iron and my 3-wood. I needed a middle club. And 5-wood, I can hit it to 30, 50, I can hit it to 20. And from the rough, it's a great club.

Q. Did you have any specific hole in mind with that?
VIJAY SINGH: Not really. With this wind, it doesn't really matter. The long holes you'll have to hit 3-wood anyway. But 13 comes to mind. The wind, and the tee's back. That's a good club there.

Q. The issue with the knee, is it behind you?
VIJAY SINGH: Pretty much. Doesn't hurt when I hit it. Only hurts when I go home in the evening. But it's no problem at all.

Q. You said you thought you might have come back too soon. Did you get into some bad habits there for a while because of it?
VIJAY SINGH: You never know until you're out there and you start favoring it. You don't even know when you're favoring it. Took me a long time to figure that one out. By the time we figured it out your swing's all messed up. Correct your swing again.

Q. It's hard for you to take time off, though, isn't it?
VIJAY SINGH: Gotta do it when you have to.

Q. How was 14 playing today? Tees are way up there?
VIJAY SINGH: Hit it in the bunker, it's drivable. I think now with the wind down it's drivable. Have to be on the correct side of it. If you're on the wrong side it's a hard putt.

Q. With your kind of experience do you want it to blow like this all weekend? Does it help you?
VIJAY SINGH: No, these conditions don't favor anybody. Not even me. I just think if it blows like this it favors whoever is hitting the ball the best, and putts the best. So just have to go out there and hit it solid. Hopefully you're the best of the day.

Q. You've given a lot of tips to a lot of guys on a lot of driving ranges over the years, and Allenby two weeks in a row now is actually seeing golf balls fall into the hole on the putting green. What prompted you to suggest the claw grip for him? What did you see there?
VIJAY SINGH: I was trying it out with my long putt. So we were playing together. I said, "Maybe you should putt that way." And so he did. I think he worked a lot harder than it seems like. He missed the cut in Washington and he put almost a whole weekend trying to get that right. And it's not my tip. It's his work that's paying off.

Q. Did you have to deal with the wind the whole round or did it pick up --
VIJAY SINGH: Pretty much. It wasn't calm when we started. But it wasn't this strong either. As the day went by it got stronger.

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