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August 13, 2009

Greg Bisconti


Q. Made a couple of bogeys early?
GREG BISCONTI: Bogeyed my first hole 10. I was leaving a lot of putts short. And that was one I left short and missed the putt, second putt.
I made another bogey somewhere four or five holes in. I was two-over much of the day. I played pretty steady. Drove the ball pretty well all day. Didn't get it up-and-down too much. We got put on the clock early in the round.
I don't know. I just know the guy and for me obviously being club pro it's like these guys are the top players in the world you're going -- we all seemed to be moving. The only hole that got me on was probably 5 or 6, I forget which hole I bogeyed late in the back nine. But I didn't even read the putt. I didn't have time, because the guy is riding up on you and penalties cost these guys 10 points. So I'm sitting there going -- am I playing slow, I'm just a club pro. And Brian was arguing with the official the whole time just trying to make sure he didn't get too many warnings. I guess if you get warned too many times over the course of the year it gets strength for those guys.
But at the end of the day we ended up waiting on the 16th hole.

Q. When you said before the week started, when you first came out here, were you like big numbers out there?
GREG BISCONTI: The first day was really difficult. I mean, there were days -- I mean, there were days where I was hitting hybrid and 3-wood into the holes, then started off hitting 6-irons. 3-wood two days in a row and 5-iron on the third day. A lot of rain early. The course is drying out and the ball is starting to roll now.
There were tee shots we hit that were 40 yards. Today played a lot easier. When I saw the course on Monday and Tuesday I was kind of -- I wouldn't say I was nervous, but I was scared you could shoot a big number out there. Hybrids all day.

Q. Where are you making the cut now in your mind? Is it more about playing a good round tomorrow?
GREG BISCONTI: I don't know what the numbers are like. I'm sure the cut won't be too high. Not too many over par.

Q. Probably even?
GREG BISCONTI: Yeah, go out with that mind-set. Shoot a few under. Try and have a good time. Not get lost. We don't want to have -- want to go out and not lose the perspective. Trying to have fun. We'll try and play well.

Q. Other than actually getting to play your speed of golf tomorrow, what are you looking to change between today and tomorrow?
GREG BISCONTI: I was pretty happy overall with -- basically for me it's the mind-set. If I can get my mind-set correct, then let golf happen and things will be good.
I felt that was okay today. I was probably a little tentative on the greens. I'd like to make a few more putts, few more birdies. Didn't make any birdies.
So other than that I hit the ball well and I felt good. So that's all I can ask for.

Q. Are you used to playing in humidity like this?
GREG BISCONTI: Yes, New York is very humid.

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