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August 13, 2009

David Toms


Q. Compare and contrast your first round and your feelings from the first time and this time here.
DAVID TOMS: I played well today. I felt I was getting better. I've been practicing every day here on this golf course. The golf course was starting to dry out so it's not playing as long as it did early in the week. So I felt better about it.
Putter was nice to me today. Wished I could have hit my irons a little better because I had opportunities from the middle of the fairway. The back of the pins, it's tough to be aggressive. Every time I was aggressive I hit it over the green. Luckily I got up-and-down each time.
But it was tough. I thought the pins with the greens firming up and some of the downwind holes very difficult to get it closest to so your lag putting had to be good and mine was that today.

Q. A little less wet than the last time, had a fighting chance getting in somewhere?
DAVID TOMS: For instance, the last hole. I hit 9-iron into 18 today. And I hit wood in there the last time I played this golf course. A combination of the wind and the firmness of the fairways and hitting the driver a little bit better, and that was the difference.

Q. Did you birdie 13? That was the hole I think last time you said was a par 3?
DAVID TOMS: 13, yeah, I did. They had the tee up today. I still had 4-iron to the green and went ahead and played short of the hole about 30 feet, I guess, and made a nice putt there for birdie. It's kind of the way the day was. It's hard to be aggressive with some of the pins. If you're putting well and your lag putting was good, you could score.

Q. Seven years later your state of mind is a little better today than it was after double sevens the last time?
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, it's been a solid year for me. My confidence is definitely higher than last year. And as far as the last time I played, I went around this golf course, sure I probably -- my attitude is a little better coming in, just coming into the week. Not just today, but I knew that I didn't play very well the last time I was here. And I want to make up for that and at least give myself mentally the best chance to score. And I saw the wind was going to be up today a little bit breezy. It was when we first started. And I was patient, made some nice par saves to start the round and got it going after that.

Q. Did you come play any other rounds before this week at all?
DAVID TOMS: I did not. Guys had played here said you know it's going to be an awfully long golf course. And it is. But if the rain stays away, we got lucky today with the weather. And it's firming up, which is good. The firmer, the better chance for me to play well and be in this golf tournament.

Q. When you heard guys say it was going to be playing really long, especially after 2002, did you go...
DAVID TOMS: Another major that was playing long. That's what I said. You look at Bethpage this year when it got wet. I think that's a great golf course. And it just wasn't good for me when it started to rain.
So that was unfortunate. And I didn't play the Masters. And then the British Open was a good golf course for me. I went over and didn't play very well. So I'm hoping to make up for the other performances so far this year at the last major of the year and just gotta keep it up. I played well today. Good score, but that's all it is, is a good start. Gotta keep up the good work on the golf course.

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