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August 13, 2009

Vijay Singh


Q. What worked well for you today? Well played.
VIJAY SINGH: I think the whole game. I drove it really well. It's a long golf course so you need to drive the ball well. And once you drive the ball well, you know, you give yourself a lot of chances for birdie opportunities if you hit it nice, and I did. And the putting was good. I went to a short putter last week, and it was kind of a little not sure what I was going to do, but this week I came in with a positive attitude and practiced a lot with a short stick and it worked really well.

Q. How would you describe your journey through the putting machinations you've had and on the greens?
VIJAY SINGH: I could write a book on that, you know. (Laughter) It's all about confidence. It's all about making a few putts. If you start rolling a few putts, you get a great feeling about a putt. And one or two good putts later on in the round it gave me confidence.

Q. How soon before Whistling Straits did you switch back? I lost track of you going back and forth to the dark side. How close to the turn-around was that?
VIJAY SINGH: I can't tell you that. I've been working with my short putter for a long time. I do it at home. I putt more with a short putter at home than a long one. Not confident enough to bring it out, but I did this week.

Q. Why do you think the scores have been pretty low for all we've heard all week about the length of the course?
VIJAY SINGH: The fairways are a little generous. And the roughs are not punishing. Still advancing towards the green. And there's a lot of bunkers out here, but they're very playable, almost as good as missing it. Sometimes it's an easier shot to get it up in the air, and the bunkers are all -- you hit it in a bunker, if you have any kind of middle to short iron the sand is great. It's kind of muddy sand, which is very easy, very compact, and you can get out of it.

Q. Describe the shot on 16, would you, please?
VIJAY SINGH: I hit a 5-wood off the tee and with the first cut I didn't know if I was going to get a jumper or not. But it came out perfect. Told my caddie, wow, that's good and landed absolutely perfect and the crowd just went crazy. I knew it was going to be close. It was closer than I thought.

Q. Couldn't see the bottom of the flag from where you were?
VIJAY SINGH: It was right into the sun. I was glad to go up there.

Q. What iron did you hit there?
VIJAY SINGH: 9-iron.

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