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August 13, 2009

Craig Thomas


Q. How did it go out there?
CRAIG THOMAS: It wasn't too good. Got off to a shaky start and played pretty well in the middle. And just never -- didn't make any putts. That's what it all comes down to. Had four or five good looks at it. In the middle of the round, I don't know, just expecting the greens to be a lot quicker out here.
3-putted two holes, leaving the first one a little short. Work on putting a little bit and get the speed control down. It should be better tomorrow.

Q. How has the overall week been for you?
CRAIG THOMAS: It's been good. It's been a lot of fun. We go along every night, sit in the club, send an e-mail and they put it on the website and keep everybody up to date with what we're doing and got a lot of positive responses on that. Everybody seems to be enjoying it.

Q. Do you have the pluses, do you keep it going?
CRAIG THOMAS: You know, the year hasn't been that good with the weather back home. Do whatever it wants to do this week.
Just want to play well.

Q. Do you realize what you've done through the year?
CRAIG THOMAS: I think it is. We both played pretty well all year long in various tournaments. He should have won the state open and a few birdies in a row to beat him out by a shot. That's on a course that I feel is harder than this course, driving-wise. Bailey is a little tighter. The rough is just as thick.
And played well at Brooklawn, didn't play well out in Mexico. So it's great that we're both here. Surprising. I don't think it's surprising that much. What's surprising to me is our other assistant isn't here. Colin played real well last year and has been struggling a little this year. So hopefully he'll figure things out and join us next time.

Q. History, playing?
CRAIG THOMAS: For me it was the second round of the New York State Open in 2007. You have to putt well. It comes down to putting. That day I putted real well. I hit it well. I made one bogey. But I also made a lot of putts. Short ones, long ones. Everything was going in the middle. So when the day's over that's where it really comes down to, the guys that are doing well, hitting greens and making putts.

Q. Do they have the State Open Set up similar?
CRAIG THOMAS: They said they did. Actually, Craig says the rough was a little thicker when we played there, a little longer. I don't think -- we've never used the back, say, five, and I think that's the only hole we didn't go all the way down on one day or another.
There wasn't any day that we were back down all of them. So they kind of move them.

Q. How was the course playing today?
CRAIG THOMAS: Set up well.

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