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August 13, 2009

Tom Lehman


TOM LEHMAN: If I drove it the way I drove it today the for the next three days I'll be in business.

Q. Overall how do you feel about your game?
TOM LEHMAN: Well, it's pretty solid. It was a pretty uneventful round. It was an easy 72, so for a major championship you have to be satisfied I guess with that, when you don't feel like you had quite everything working your way. But it's hard to make birdies when you hit it 40 feet every hole.
The fans have been so great. They have treated me so well and obviously they are really fair fans. They pull for everybody and they love seeing great golf and they love to support everyone. But they love the homegrown guys and they really give me a lot of support.

Q. What do you think it will ultimately make to win this thing?
TOM LEHMAN: Depends how firm the course gets. With the humidity it's not going to fix up the way they like it to. Today it's not too firm, it's just too damp out there. If it gets bouncy, scores will go up and it will be even more challenging.

Q. Big winds tomorrow.
TOM LEHMAN: I didn't realize there was big winds. That will dry it out. This course is difficult in the best of circumstances and in a big wind it is very, very challenging. It will put a premium on your short game.

Q. Being in front of the home fans does that make you more relaxed?
TOM LEHMAN: There's a little bit of both, there's expectations that are up a little bit high and you have to kind of calm down a bit. Overall it's always nice to play in front of people who are pulling for you.

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