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September 25, 2005

Stuart Appleby

Peter Lonard

Mike Weir


Q. Talk about your match today.

MIKE WEIR: It was a real seesaw battle. He was up early, I pulled even and he was up again. You know, then I just hit some really good shots and made some good putts and, you know, closed him out with three birdies in a row here on the end. Just helped me get it going there.

Q. Talk about your week overall and how you played.

MIKE WEIR: I played pretty well. You know, we played really good Thursday, Trevor and I. The second match, I played okay and we made a charge back. The third match, we got down early and made a good charge. So overall, I played well.

Q. As far as getting some early points, the Americans got some early points but you, Goose and a couple of guys responded by getting some points on the board for your team.

MIKE WEIR: We needed them. We need a couple of guys to come back. It's not over yet but we're not looking too good now, but it's not over yet.

Q. Good match today?

STUART APPLEBY: Great match today. Chris just played a tiny bit more solid and I really had to weather the storm. Yeah, I just kept hanging in there. I just knew it's match play, be aggressive, be aggressive. I knew the guy was putting great, doing everything great. It was a real thrill. Chris and I have had some good matches and this is by far the best.

Q. Win, lose or draw, comes down to your match?

STUART APPLEBY: Yeah, it was really good. You know, we kept them close on the Americans home soil. I think the format improvements seem to be showing over the last couple of Cups now, from last year I think there's no doubt in the future we can take this thing out.

Q. What was the key to your game?

PETER LONARD: I just hit a lot of good shots. For a change, it was nice. I drove it on the fairways for most of the game and hit a lot of good irons. Didn't really put myself under a lot of pressure all day.

Q. Talk about the shot on 16 to clinch it.

PETER LONARD: I had 149 to the flag, hit an 8 iron about 150. It was into the wind a little bit so it was perfect, onto the center of the green and in she went or close enough, anyway.

Q. Just watching these matches, it seems like so many guys are responding with good shots, sometimes even better shots. Stewart certainly gave himself a chance there to halve the hole and go on. Does it bring out the best in almost every player?

PETER LONARD: Yeah, it is. The Americans are ahead of us at the moment. I think I was 8 under today, so, you know, I did to Stewart what DiMarco and Mickelson did to us yesterday. It was just a birdie barrage. It was great fun out there.

End of FastScripts.

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