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August 13, 2009

Tiger Woods


Q. How do you compare the feeling after the opening round this time versus the --
TIGER WOODS: You mean last year?

Q. -- others this year.
TIGER WOODS: You know, this year I hit the ball well. Hank and I did some good work the last three days, and felt very comfortable with what I was doing today. Really good round today, hit a lot of good putts that just lipped out and hit the edges. It could have been a really good round today .

Q. What was the difference in the carryover, this one versus the other three?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I think you know, you have to play well at the right time, and that's about it. I just didn't put it all together the other three major championships. The first two I was there with a chance; the last one I wasn't, but hopefully I will be this one as well.

Q. How does it change your mind-set to not have to claw back like you've been doing?
TIGER WOODS: But you've still got to play it forward. This golf course, the way it was set up today, Kerry did just a great job because the longer holes like 12 and 13, they moved them up and played them, I mean, Rich was hitting I think 3-wood into 12; and I laced a 3-iron in there, and that's from the back tee and I'm hitting 3-wood in there.
I think he did a great job. The great thing about having a golf course this long is that it gives you an opportunity to move the tees up around, it depends on where the wind is coming from and they just did a great job of setting it up. It was fair but it was tough. If you make a mistake, you're going to pay your price and you're going to make bogeys.

Q. Big wind forecast for most of tomorrow, when you are swinging as well as you are, do you almost relish the fact that it could be harder, windier?
TIGER WOODS: You're going to have to hit the ball well. I feel comfortable with what I'm doing and just got to continue doing it.
You know, with the wind blowing, it depends on which direction it comes from and how they are going to set up the golf course, but today, the par 5s could be had today, and I didn't think we could get to any of the par 5s, maybe 7, if they move the tee up, and today it was up but it was downwind. Alvaro, I mean seriously --

Q. What did he say?
TIGER WOODS: He apologized. I said, "Nothing to apologize for. That's a hell of a shot."

Q. What did you hit on there?

Q. 7.
TIGER WOODS: On 7, I don't know, I hit a good one. I hit 6-iron in there.
The shot that he hit on 11, that's what we are talking about. I mean, that's just stupid long. It was averaging 300 into the wind.

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