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August 13, 2009

Mathew Goggin


Q. Are you happy with your round today?
MATHEW GOGGIN: I played a little bit scratchy the first couple of holes and a little bit scratchy in the middle there but the rest was really good.

Q. What were you most happy with in your game today?
MATHEW GOGGIN: I just felt comfortable, holed out well from inside ten feet and that's where most of my birdie opportunities were from so I didn't really make anything long but made a couple of nice par putts inside ten feet and four good birdie putts.

Q. You came off a good -- coming off a good week from last week, do you feel like you sort of carried that momentum over into this week?
MATHEW GOGGIN: Yeah, I've had a good weekend last week and feel comfortable with all parts of my game, so it's been a good continuation of last week I feel like.

Q. Do you pay attention to the leaderboard when you're playing?
MATHEW GOGGIN: A little bit, not obsessive.

Q. You're playing well and you look up and see Tiger on the leaderboard, did you notice his name?
MATHEW GOGGIN: Yeah, obviously he's playing well today. I think he was 4- or 5-under. I don't know what he's finished. But he's playing well and the best player in the world, but we've got a long way to go.
First round lead is kind of irrelevant anyway because you never want to give up too many shots to him.

Q. Do you worry when you see him up there?
MATHEW GOGGIN: No, not really, because he should be in it every week.

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