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August 13, 2009

Rory McIlroy


RORY McILROY: I felt as if it was a very solid round. It was quite the opposite to what I was playing like last week, which was nice, to turn it around. I got off to a great start. I was 3-under through six and I wasn't able to keep that going but I felt as if I played very solid today. Didn't put myself in too many bad spots, so I was happy with 1-under. It could have been a little better but I'll take it.
I gave myself a lot of chances which wasn't like me the last few weeks. It was great, I found something -- I didn't find something but I just felt as if my rhythm was a little better and I started to strike it a little better and I was able to bring that on to the golf course which was really nice. So hopefully that's a sign of things to come this week.
The last three tournaments I've played have been a really big grind, just trying to make pars and trying to shoot somewhere around level par, but I actually feel after today that I can go around this golf course and shoot a good number.
I said to JP on the 11th tee box after I've just birdied the 10th, I said, "It's nice to see a red number by my name again." Hopefully that's a sign of things to come this week. I'm going to take it one day at a time and see what happens.

Q. It was announced today that golf was recommended for acceptance into the Olympics.
RORY McILROY: Has it? At the start of getting the golf into the Olympics, I was a little skeptical and apprehensive about it. But the more I think about it, the more it will be great for golf just to globalize the game and get countries like Russia and India and China recognized on a global stage.
At the start I sort of thought it's not fair on the other athletes who train four years for the Olympics as the height of their career, but I can see this being great for golf. So I'm very happy that the Olympics -- that golf is in the Olympics. Hopefully it will grow the game and get more people to play the game.

Q. Do you watch the Olympics?
RORY McILROY: Gymnastics. No, I've never sat down and watched it. I've seen beach volleyball before, but not in the Olympics.
There's not many Olympic gold medalists, so I think it would be a pretty big honor to get one. You look at the Olympics last year, and you see Michael Phelps is going for the gold medal and LeBron James is there watching him and all of the basketball players. So it would be great to be part of a team like that. I don't know what year, is it 2016? I mean, if I'm lucky enough to be on Team GB or whatever, it would be great, like Tom Daly, the diver, it would be great if he won a gold medal there and I was able to watch it and be part of a team. It would be awesome. It would be very nice.

Q. Surprised to see Tiger and Padraig at the top of the leaderboard?
RORY McILROY: Padraig? (Smiles) Yeah, he's playing very well obviously. He's got a lot of momentum coming into this week. He's carried his form on since Saturday and Sunday last week, so it's always going to be expected. He's the No. 1 on our sport and he has been for a while and he probably will be for a lot longer. I'm just going to keep as close to him as possible and see what happens.
I think Jack had a few rivals whenever he was playing; I think Tiger's got a lot of rivals out here, he's got Phil, earn any, Padraig, there's a lot of guys out here that can hang with him when they are playing their best, but the thing is Tiger plays his best most of the time, and even when he doesn't play his best, he usually wins, as well. I think, yeah, it would be great to see Padraig come and he's hopefully going to make a great defense of his title this week and it will be nice to see him; if it's not me, it would be nice to see Padraig go down the stretch with him again.

Q. The wedge --
RORY McILROY: Yeah that, was a really good wedge from 142, hit it to two feet. I hit a driver and a 3-wood to the 12th to about ten feet which was two great shots and just missed the putt, but there was a lot of putts today that just went by the hole. I hit a great shot, I hit a 3-iron off the tee on 14 and hit a nice sand wedge in there close to about six feet. I hit two good shots just short of the green on 15 and chipped it up to about six feet again. The three birdies I made were pretty easy ones.

Q. After your practice round on Tuesday --
RORY McILROY: Yeah, we just lost a match to Clarkey and Lee --

Q. Is that beneficial?
RORY McILROY: Yeah, I said to him there, I came off the golf course, very frustrated on Tuesday evening, and I just went straight to the range just to see if I could iron a few things out, which I seem to have done. I felt as if I hit the ball really good today. And yesterday, I played nine holes and chilled out, went to the mall yesterday afternoon, didn't hit any balls.
I think the little rest helped me a little bit just to get into a little bit of a rhythm again and got on to the range this morning and I felt pretty good.

Q. Did you go on the roller coaster?
RORY McILROY: I didn't go on the roller coaster. I wanted to go in the aquarium but we couldn't find it, it was so big. I just got a couple of bits and pieces, not much.

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