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August 12, 2009

Kim Clijsters


K. CLIJSTERS/P. Schnyder
6-2, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is it as easy as you're making it look right now?
KIM CLIJSTERS: Does it look easy? It doesn't feel easy. You know, I do feel like today, as like my first match, I started off playing well, and then I had a really good feeling out there. I was moving well and really kept the pressure on her.
The main thing I was happy with today was the first serve percentage was a lot better than in the first match. That's another bonus, I think.
So, yeah, I'm just glad that I have these two matches. Playing Svetlana now, each match that I can -- you know, any tough situation now is gonna be helpful for my next match.
I was glad to finish it off in that second set so I can save some energy.

Q. It became quite a scrapper at the end of the second set.
KIM CLIJSTERS: It was. She stepped back a little bit on her returns, so I think she was defending a little bit better. You know, really looping up and few balls and also mixing it up really well. That's what she does. The matches I've played against her in the past, she did that really well.
That's why she has had so many good results and is up there for so many years. She can make it really, really tough on a lot of good players, especially the players who like to play aggressive tennis and step into the court and just take advantage all the time.
She kind of tries to break the rhythm a little bit with that game. Like I said, I'm glad that I kept serving well in the most important points, and that I stayed aggressive. Although I started making a few little mistakes here and there, I stayed aggressive, and I think that's what could be the biggest problem in those kind of situations.
If you start doubting yourself, you kind of start defending a little bit more yourself. That's what I think she tries to do when she plays players like myself or like Svetlana Kuznetsova or the Williamses. They like to step into the court all the time.
So, yeah, I'm glad that I just stayed focused and just stuck to my game plan.

Q. How did you feel yesterday morning after the night before?
KIM CLIJSTERS: Pretty good, actually. Just a few sore muscle address here and there, but nothing majorly concerning. But that's, again, something that I've noticed over the years. You can train and have the toughest work-outs and everything, but when you play a match, it's, yeah, for some reason there's always -- I think the tension and the nerves and the focus is, yeah, has an influence on your body.
So I was assuming that was going to happen, but nothing majorly concerning that was going to -- you know, we had doubles yesterday, so I was glad to stay in the rhythm of playing a match every day.

Q. Even those it's only been two matches, how much consistency are you feeling?
KIM CLIJSTERS: I'm very happy that I'm starting the matches off well. I think so that's helped me a lot. Also confidence-wise I think it's always better to start a match off well and get into that rhythm.
So, yeah, that's what I'm the most happy with. Again, like I said in my first match, after my first match, and I did that really well today, too, I stayed focused. Even in the second set, she starts, yeah, moving around a little bit and mixing it up. It's very easy to kind of step back and start defending a little bit yourself and kind of get lost out there.
Like I said, just like really tried to stay to my game plan, and it worked well.

Q. How do you feel about your movement? Are you noticing anything different or anything that you can work on?
KIM CLIJSTERS: Yeah, again, just seeing the ball and everything, that's something that I have to get used to as well, and playing different girls every day as long as you're in the tournament. That's something that I have to get used as well.
At home I train with my coach and do a lot of different exercises. At a tournament you play a lot of different players every day, and that's an adjustment.
So that needs some getting used to. And also the footwork, you have to adjust your footwork to the type of players that you play.

Q. How do you see the Svetlana match?
KIM CLIJSTERS: Well, I mean, she's had a really good year. She has been very consistent over the years, so I think we play a similar type of game. Similar clothing. (Laughing.)
No, she's a tough competitor. I mean, very aggressive, strong girl, good serve. Yeah, I mean, it will be interesting to see. I look forward to these kind of matches. You know, she's a fun girl. We have had some practices in the last few days. I think I hit with her on Saturday, so it's just fun to play those matches, you know, those official matches.

Q. Is she a good test of where you are?
KIM CLIJSTERS: Yeah, I mean, I look forward to it. I think any match now is a good test. Bartoli, Patty, they're all good players. So far I've had all the extremes. I think they're kind of on the opposite sides, so I think Svetlana is kind of in between. She can do both: play really aggressive tennis and mix it up well, comes in, and serves good.
Yeah, I will have to be on top of my game if I want to give myself a shot at winning.

Q. Are you surprised at how well things are going so far, or is this kind of according to plan?
KIM CLIJSTERS: I'm really focused. I think that's -- you know, as long as you stay focused, yeah, I try to do what I have in my mind before I go out there.
I think as long as you have that mindset -- I am surprised maybe a little bit. In the first match against Bartoli I was definitely surprised that I started off so well out there, and then again today.
It's not that I'm surprised, I'm really focused on my game plan. You don't really have other things like to think about, just focus on what you're doing.

Q. Must have been a lot of adrenaline the other night, and nerves. To come to today's match, was it quite different?
KIM CLIJSTERS: Yes and no. I think the excitement of the night match is always different. It's been like that in the past as well. It's something that I really like. I love playing under the lights. I think the crowd, there's a different vibe to it as well.
But for me personally, I think it's harder for me to play in a day match like this where there's the heat and the sun, and also against a lefty today. I think it's always a little tricky. There were a few uncontrollable details, I guess.
But, again, that makes it -- you just have to be really focused. But like I said, I did what I had to do, I think, today. I just stepped it up at certain points.

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