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December 15, 1993

Bernhard Langer


Q. Can you talk about--

BERNHARD LANGER: A lot of grass out there. Greener out than I had seen it. I thought the greens were a little bit slower than last couple of years. It is not as bad or as long as it was the first year when we played, but it is still very difficult. If you miss the raft you are going to-- every time you are going to have a flier. Just don't know what the ball will do out on that stuff. Even out in the semi rough. If you go on the long stuff, it is hard to move it 100 yards or 50 yards. I think premium is still hitting the fairways.

Q. Is that going to make a lot of difference? Apparently it is going to make it a bit more spongy.

BERNHARD LANGER: I don't know. I didn't think it was all that bouncy to start off with. I think they had some rain the days before, but I hadn't been out there today. I can't tell you what it looks like. I am sure it is going to play that much longer. I just hope the ball doesn't pick up any mud.

Q. What about your year? Are you satisfied how you have done this year?

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, very satisfied. It has been one of my best years in my career so far. I think 85 and 93 have been my best two years. Both times I won the Masters and I won several other tournaments with it; besides the injury I had from June 'till August, basically, well, actually September, on and off for about three months, it was a really good year.

Q. What made it better than the previous years?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, it was winning a Major, the premium goal of most any professional and I have done that. I won the PGA Championship in Europe and the German Open. Had a lot of other good finishes. Won the individual title at the World Cup; just played pretty good golf most the time.

Q. How much do you work on your physical conditioning? We have been hearing from Nick Faldo about all he is doing to improve everything from the head to the foot?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, I don't have -- I have a stretching program which I go through every morning and every evening in the winter months, from now on 'till about April I am going to a fitness club and work out a little bit. I stretch there; walk and run on the treadmill, do a few other things; a little bit of strengthening. That is basically my program; just try to stay limber or whatever you call it, flexible.

Q. How is your daughter after the accident?

BERNHARD LANGER: Perfect, thank you. All healed, everything is great.

Q. Expectations for this week? Obviously nice way to finish the year with a win?

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, sure, I'd like to win obviously, and everything else you know, is well not a disappointment, but there is a lot of good players. It is not going to be easy, but I am hoping to do very well. Whatever happens, I have had a good year and I look forward to the off-season; take a few weeks off, and work on my game a bit for the next season coming up.

Q. What do you on the off-season, a little bit of skiing?

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, actually, flying home Sunday and leaving Monday morning to go skiing for ten days in Utah and then start practicing again in January.

Q. What is your first tournament?

BERNHARD LANGER: Dubai and Johnny Walker Classic.

Q. What sort of temperatures will there be next week?

BERNHARD LANGER: About 10 degrees, 20, Fahrenheit. It would be a nice change from the 80s and 90s here.

Q. Are you surprised at some people are not here Greg Norman, Price?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, Price has never come for what he considers obvious reasons, he is always in South Africa; just doesn't want to come back here I guess which is a long way. And I think Greg has been very busy, but I am sure you know, you know more about that than I do, so I really can't speak for them. I am surprised that one or two guys aren't here because it is a very good tournament. It is a very strong field, but I do agree that the timing of it is, you know, the week in which it is played in is not ideal; very close to the Christmas season and it is usually in the weeks where a lot of us would like to have off; a lot of our kids have programs in the schools and plays which we would like to attend, and there is all sorts of reasons you can mention. It would be nice to have this tournament a week or two earlier, I would think.

Q. Are you thinking of rejoining the U.S. Tour in 95?

BERNHARD LANGER: That is too far away to make a comment at this stage. I have to live through 94 before I can make any decision about 95.

Q. But you are not eligible to rejoin until 95; are you?

BERNHARD LANGER: I am in 95, but not in 94.

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