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August 10, 2009

Patty Schnyder


6-4, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your back at a tournament where you've had success before. The fans here seem to have gotten to really know you. How important for you is it to be back at a place like this even though the tournament is on a different scale now?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I mean, I know my way around here and I really feel the support of the fans. They enjoy watching women's tennis, and now it's such a big event.
Yeah, I have to watch my performance, and I'm happy to be through in two sets. Big challenge ahead of me.

Q. Big challenge, maybe Kim Clijsters.
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I don't know who I'm gonna pick tonight. It's a very tough one. I think for the first match after two years coming back it's Bartoli.

Q. But she is Belgian.
PATTY SCHNYDER: It's not that I hope that Bartoli wins.

Q. What are your thoughts on her comeback?
PATTY SCHNYDER: I think it's great. We all miss her on the tour, and she's always been a fan favorite, great for the sport. Yeah, I really hope she enjoys it again and she stays with us for a while.

Q. How do you feel about someone that takes two years off in the prime of her career to try to pursue maybe another aspect of her life?
PATTY SCHNYDER: It's her choice. She was just -- I didn't see her too happy at the end where she decided to take the break, and now I see her happy again. That's all that matters.
If you have so much success you can choose which life you want to live you're a lucky person. And she knows that. Now she's back.

Q. You ever thought about doing that yourself?

Q. Why not? Seems like a good reason to be done.
PATTY SCHNYDER: Because I have no rush to have babies. I have a great husband. That's not the problem. We know we want to have a family, but to me it doesn't matter having kids a bit later.

Q. I don't know if there's any other sport, men's or women's, that is more of a grind for young women than professional tennis. Do you or the other women on the tour think about that occasionally, Man, there's so much more to life than hitting the ball back and forth.
PATTY SCHNYDER: I think -- I mean, we all miss something. It's obvious that we really dedicate our young lives, very early life, to tennis.
Yeah, everyone who's here is lucky enough to achieve great things, so we are the lucky ones. So many girls out there, they do the same and put the same efforts and they're gonna put the same energy in their life and years into tennis, and they never gonna be on the big stage.
But it's all, yeah, part of life, part of sports. I think, yeah, once you retire, hopefully you can have some easier years. I see many girls retire and have to go daily to work. It's a big decision.

Q. This used to be a tournament where you could show up and realize that you were probably gonna play pretty deep in the tournament. Do you prefer it that way, knowing that you would be assured success, or this way with a better field?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Both can be very exciting. But you have to bring your performance. It's just the conditions are tough here for many players, and also for me. I just hope to continue my performance, and then I can be happy like losing in the quarters, let's say.
Or can be like lesser tier level, and maybe I'm not as happy losing in a final. It's all how you think and how well you play.

Q. Is there an advantage you have over some of the seeded players in that you've been here so many times and they haven't?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, but the court changed a lot since I won here. It was really fast and high bouncer.

Q. How much?
PATTY SCHNYDER: For me I also have to adjust.

Q. It was faster before or now?
PATTY SCHNYDER: When I won it was really faster and higher bounce. Maybe also the balls are -- got heavier. The development over the last few years plays into the game as well, but the conditions get tougher.

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