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August 9, 2009

Jeff Quinney


Q. Were you leaderboard watching? Were you aware?
JEFF QUINNEY: I wasn't. I kind of experimented back and forth. I think I do better when I just stick to my own game and just a try make birdie on every hole and keep going rather than sometimes you look there and you're top five or whatever, you just want to par to get in there.
So I was just focused and staying in the present with what I was doing and I pretty much thought Rollins was running away with it. I kind of had that feeling. I didn't know he'd made a couple of bogeys late.
But I was just really proud of what I did. It's kind of been a struggle with injuries this year and playing bad, a combination. So I was able to -- tied second here maybe and just hopefully finish the rest of the season on a bang.

Q. Can you talk about your injuries a second and how it's derailed you this year from what you hoped for in January?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah. I played the West Coast swing not as well as I'd liked. Hurt at Pebble Beach, played another week through it. Got an MRI. It was a herniated disk; out for six weeks. Had to rehab and probably came back a little bit too soon and wasn't ready, I was rusty, bad habits.
So it took me a while to kind of get the confidence back. So now that I've played seven weeks in a row, I'm beat. But kind of played my way into playing shape by playing so much.

Q. You feel good? Earlier in the week we talked about Milwaukee. That had to be really gratifying and follow that up a couple weeks later --
JEFF QUINNEY: Been in contention quite a bit. Even in Flint I had hot run on Sunday and I really kind of drew back on those, being in contention and maybe not finishing the way I liked.
And played bogey-free golf today, and that made me a lot more happy to finish that way.

Q. What do you do this coming week?
JEFF QUINNEY: I'm gonna go home. Back to Arizona. I'm going to play in North Carolina, not in the PGA, so I'm trying to keep my game sharp. I don't want it leak off. I kind of want to keep going and maybe try to get another tournament or keep playing, so I'm just building this momentum the rest of the year.

Q. Are you looking at every fall series event?
JEFF QUINNEY: Right now I'm planning to play everything. Hopefully I just kind of -- two different goals of keeping my card and then getting into the playoff. And those are the big purses. And in a big playoff run, you can really make a move.
So I was 146 coming into this week I think, and who knows how much this will jump me up in points and hopefully get me inside there and get into that playoff race.
And I was disappointed the last two years. I've missed four cuts and did horrible the playoffs. So I feel like peaking at the right time. My game is coming around rather than fading. So I'll be more excited to play in the playoffs.

Q. Your dad was here, the entourage. Which brother is this?
JEFF QUINNEY: I have three older brothers. My brother Mark.

Q. No other brothers here, right?
JEFF QUINNEY: No, only one brother. And my girlfriend, Kristen. And Connor, my brother Mark, and Connor, six-year-old Connor. I had my cousin out here, his son and some other family friends from Oregon.
So a I had good group of cheering squad. And obviously a tough course to walk and they really were able to troop it out and keep going.

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