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August 8, 2009

Rocco Mediate


Q. Pretty up-and-down round, but you left --
ROCCO MEDIATE: I played three bad holes today. I missed two little short ones. Otherwise, it was good, though. It's coming.

Q. What do you think worked well to turn things around?
ROCCO MEDIATE: I hit the ball really well all week. I started to make some putts. I just had a couple little blips there, missed a couple shorties and made a couple -- I played the 14th hole -- I should have made 5.

Q. You just posted 10. Laird Martin just posted 11. How do you feel giving the rest of the field something to look at for tomorrow?
ROCCO MEDIATE: John is up there. It will take a low one to come back and beat these guys. You never know. The golf course is good. The greens are a lot softer today. I don't know why they watered them. I was kind of disappointed to see that.

Q. Even though the conditions dried up somewhat, the greens are still holding pretty good?
ROCCO MEDIATE: Yes, they were soft, especially early. Front nine, they need to keep the water off, much harder golf course.

Q. Any changes hoping for tomorrow?
ROCCO MEDIATE: What kind of changes?

Q. Like in your approach.
ROCCO MEDIATE: Oh, God, no. Driver in the first fairway and going --

Q. Pin placements?
ROCCO MEDIATE: It's all numbers.

Q. How much is the PGA in the back of your mind?
ROCCO MEDIATE: It doesn't matter to me. If I make it, I make it. I haven't played -- I played consistently mediocre and haven't putted all this entire year until this week. I'm pleased with that. We've got a lot of events left. You never know.

Q. Was there any stretch of bogeys in the four holes, something that happened?
ROCCO MEDIATE: No. Just, like I said, I just missed about a 3-footer, 4-footer on 12. Decent iron just there on the back edge there.
And 13 I hit a bad tee shot. Missed it from about eight, 10 feet for birdie. I got lucky on 14 a couple of times. I made 5. I deserved it. I missed 4-footer, or 3-putted 15 past the hole.
But other than that, I missed another one on 16, about an 8-footer on 16 for birdie. Had my chance. Made a good one on 17. Pitched it up and down here. Missed a couple short ones. And I've been making them. It's not like -- I've been making them. I can't really complain about missing a couple.

Q. How long have you been using that grip?
ROCCO MEDIATE: This is the fourth round with it.

Q. With the short putter?
ROCCO MEDIATE: It was one of Matt Bettencourt's. It's an Odyssey putter. Brandon, Matt's caddie and Matt my caddie got together. I told my caddie on Sunday, the Buick, terrible, 38 putts on Saturday with a long putter.
I called Matt up and said: Listen, there's not going to be a putter in my bag in the morning, you better find me one to use. I wasn't bringing it. I saw one in the pro shop. I didn't have any putters with me. Matt showed up with this one. I putted, shot 5-under on Sunday. Didn't matter but I still made some putts.

Q. That was the first time you used it?
ROCCO MEDIATE: First time I ever touched it.

Q. 46 foot putt on 5, right? That was that stretch of birdies.
ROCCO MEDIATE: Sometimes you gotta do that. Made a good putt on 8, good long one, but that was still on the front. But I struck it good. Just made a couple of mistakes. I really couldn't afford to. If I could have got in at 12, there's more of a chance. You never know.

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