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August 8, 2009

Joe Ogilvie


Q. Great round today. 66, 6-under, no bogeys. A little different from the first few days.
JOE OGILVIE: Yeah, a little bit different. I hit the ball about the same. I just got a little bit more out on my round today. Couple really long putts, which is always kind of nice. And to end with a birdie the last couple of days I put the ball inside of five feet on the last hole, missed both of them. It's kind of nice, I got them inside a foot. I think that's my range.

Q. I know you were pretty frustrated coming out of here yesterday afternoon when you finished. It seemed like you played well but got nothing out of it, like you said. Today, completely different?
JOE OGILVIE: No, today completely different. I played a good, solid round and shot 66. It could have been a 68. Could have been a 64. But 66 is good. The first two days I felt like 6-under total was about as high as I could possibly do. So it's kind of nice.
I'm at the point in the year where I'm 146 or whatever I am in the FedExCup race. So I need a couple of top 15s, couple top 10s to get in there.
My wife's family is all from New York. And it's kind of a big thing to get in there. So hopefully I can do that the next couple of weeks.

Q. How would you sum up your year? Has it been frustrating or --
JOE OGILVIE: It's been terrible. It's been frustrating because I hit the ball so poorly this year. But two weeks ago I went to a fade and just committed to hitting a fade on every shot. I've been playing a controlled -- uncontrolled duck hook the entire year, which is never good.
So it seems I'm kind of keeping the ball in front of me now. I'm not losing many shots. So that's good. I think it's going to bode well for me the rest of the year.

Q. Have you been working with someone specific to work on that?
JOE OGILVIE: No. I just went back to -- I talked to Bill Moretti over the phone again, and he kind of gave me a phone lesson. So just a lot of practice trying to get rid of the duck hook. It's a tough shot to get rid of.

Q. You've got yourself into contention in the tournament. No one's finished here, depending how far back you'll be. Obviously winning tomorrow is a little along the ways, but if that were to happen, that would mean a lot; you'd get into the PGA Championship and turn your year around?
JOE OGILVIE: Yes, you go from a terrible year to a great year all of a sudden. But John seems to be like he's got the tournament in tow.
But you get in the PGA. And my daughters really like Kapalua. One of the fondest memories I have on the PGA TOUR, first night we got there at the Ritz, they were already in their Hawaiian gear at the 3:30 in the morning doing the hula dance, which was pretty funny. I hope to get back there, whether it's this week or next week.

Q. Kids are putting a lot of pressure on you?
JOE OGILVIE: They want to go to Hawaii. That would be fun.

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