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August 8, 2009

Slugger White


CHRIS REIMER: We want to thank PGA TOUR tournament director Slugger White for joining us just to talk briefly about a two-stroke penalty assessed to Tim Clark on the 16th hole. Just go through it if you could.
SLUGGER WHITE: When we finished play, we got a call for someone to be -- we needed somebody in the scoring area, so John Lillvis went up there, and Tim Clark told him that he wasn't sure, he really didn't know if after moving his mark for Padraig Harrington on 16 green, he wasn't sure, he didn't really know if he moved it back.
We had a couple of caddies that thought they did. They weren't 100 percent sure. So I went to CBS and looked through their footage, and then we went to get -- what I saw was I didn't feel like he did put it back. They had some different angles, and then we knew he didn't put it back.
So we found Tim and told him, you know, what the deal was, and he came up and he looked at it, and he knew right away, as well. So that was pretty much it. Just as honest as he could possibly be. I'm sure it'll come back to him tenfold. That's the gentlemen's game that we deal with.

Q. Was this before he signed his card?
SLUGGER WHITE: We told him to sign his card, and then I was going to go look at it. We weren't going to disqualify him because we told him to do that.

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