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August 8, 2009

Kenny Perry


Q. Great playing out there. If we can just get your comments on your round.
KENNY PERRY: Well, it was a great day. Any time you can shoot under par on this golf course is an awesome round. I had a goal of 5-under I needed to shoot today to give me a shot. If I could shoot this again tomorrow, I might could win the golf tournament. So that was good. So now I've got into a position where if I can somehow go low again tomorrow, I've got a shot at winning.
You know, it's just a golf course that requires perfect shots on every hole. I mean, there's just no letup holes. That's probably one of the best rounds I've ever played out here. I can't remember too many low rounds I've shot on this golf course. Very happy.

Q. Putts still breaking toward the ball?
KENNY PERRY: What's that?

Q. You said that one time. You said Fuzzy told you.
KENNY PERRY: I forgot about that. I'll try that tomorrow and see if that works.

Q. Don't listen to me.
KENNY PERRY: Yeah, all in all, it was a great day.

Q. Is it difficult the week before a major that there's people that want to prepare for the major at the same time there's people that want to prepare for the major and win this tournament, and then there's also I guess people that are just concentrating on the tournament. At what point, is it difficult? Is it kind of --
KENNY PERRY: I'm not using this week to prepare me for next week. It's a similar type of golf course, though, tight fairways. I'll have the same kind of looks next week, which will be nice. I just need the rounds, the reps, the rounds, just to get me ready physically and mentally to get me to what I actually need to work on when I get there on Monday.

Q. How is your mom doing? Is it a little better or is that -- can you forget about it while you're out here at all?
KENNY PERRY: No, you never can forget about it. It'll be three to nine months she's got left.

Q. Have you considered cutting back?
KENNY PERRY: Well, if it gets worse, yeah, I've thought about it. We'll see. Dad told me to come out and play for right now.

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