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August 8, 2009

Miguel Angel Jimenez


Q. Good round.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Yeah, I played very solid, all day close on the back nine. I putted very well and very good, also, from tee to greens, very solid. I think I missed only a couple of fairways, the 17th, used a 3-wood there when I made the bogey. The ball was sitting down there, but it was a bogey.
And I missed hole No. 16 after hitting a very good drive out of the fairway, just like that, missed it and just fell off the fairway.
And then my shots today into the pins very good, too. That's what you need.

Q. You dropped a shot at the 17th but then birdied the last?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Birdied the last, yes, to recover for yesterday. Yeah, always a nice way to finish. Hit a very good driver and a solid sand wedge, the 52 degrees, like one meter to the hole, and I put it in.

Q. Your position in the tournament now, you're well up there now?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: 4-under par, I'm just four behind the leader, and you never know what's going to happen tomorrow. I've been hitting well all week. The pity was yesterday the way I finished on 16, that bogey I made there, and the double bogey on the 18th. I feel like all my fuel is gone, I feel like (Spanish).

Q. Last year you were tied for 10th and I think that was your best performance here. Did you figure something out?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: No, this place is a great place, nice golf course. Last year I finished 10th. I played decent last year, and this year I'm still playing again well, and we'll see what happens tomorrow. What happened last year is last year, it's finished. It helps you to learn, but that's it, you cannot --

Q. Another stupid question. When you come over here, do you have a humidor stocked?

Q. I thought you might know where there's a good cigar store in Akron.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: The only thing, you cannot sell Cuban cigars here, and I bring my own personal cigars from home that I bring with my own humidor for my personal use.

Q. You make your own?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: I bring my own with my humidor, yeah.

Q. How many does your humidor hold?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Enough for these two weeks.

Q. Do you smoke cigars in the rain?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: I smoke in the practice rounds but not in the tournament rounds. But as soon as I finish now, my lunch. (Laughter.)

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