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August 8, 2009

J.B. Holmes


Q. Great start to the round and then quite a ride on those last five holes. Just comment on the day.
J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, I hit the ball fantastic today. Actually I felt like I couldn't shoot anything higher than what I did. Every iron shot I hit was right at the flag, and a couple of them I thought I hit really good and they hit real close to the hole and bounced over the green.
I felt like I could have maybe shot -- I hit the ball great today. That's the best I've hit the ball in a long time with my irons.

Q. A couple of guys who are not among the longer hitters, Verplank and Stricker and a couple other guys, have said if the rain comes it'll really be an advantage to the big guys. Did you gain an advantage?
J.B. HOLMES: I only hit two drivers today. I hit all 3-woods today. On the two par-5s is the only time I hit driver today. It didn't rain enough to soften it up. The fairways were still rolling about the same. The greens, a few of them were really firm.

Q. You said Thursday you can't find a fairway. Today you must have found almost all of them.
J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, because I didn't hit driver. Yeah, I've been hitting my driver terrible all week, the last two days. I hit less fairways Friday than I did on Thursday. Yeah, I kept it in play a little bit more today hitting the 3-wood. I hit several fairways today and it's a little bit easier to score from there than the trees.

Q. How far do you hit the 3-wood?
J.B. HOLMES: I can hit it around 300 yards. It just depends. I hit one really good and I had 100 yards in on 18. It just depends if you get a little wind or whatever. I can get it out there pretty good if I need to.

Q. You played with Quiros the first two days?
J.B. HOLMES: Yeah.

Q. For an average golfer, we go out and play with somebody and we're looking around to see where he is. Do you guys get caught up in anything like that?
J.B. HOLMES: I was hitting it so bad we couldn't gauge anything anyway. He hits it out there pretty well. He hits it out there definitely a long ways.

Q. If it's a long drive contest, could you take him?
J.B. HOLMES: I don't know. I don't know if he's -- I don't know if I'm not swinging full out but I don't know if he's swinging full out. That could be pretty close, though.

Q. He said it was pretty close.
J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, it's pretty close. Both of us hit one good, we're pretty close. I think it just depends on who hits one the best.

Q. Is it kind of hard to swallow the pride and leave the driver in the bag?
J.B. HOLMES: No, no, not at all. You're on the PGA TOUR, you're past that. If you're worried about who's hitting it further next to you or anything like that, you're not going to be out here a long time.

Q. Is there a different mindset in the third day as opposed to the first two days for you?
J.B. HOLMES: Not really. Maybe a little bit. Today is a day you can move up. But every day you're trying to shoot a low score and maybe hit it out there. Today happened to be the day where I was hitting it the best so far. Hopefully I hit it like that tomorrow.

Q. It's always good to play well, particularly when it comes to the weekend. Does it make you feel a little bit better going into the PGA next week, getting a little momentum built?
J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, I was hitting my irons great going into the week, so hopefully I can get my driver straightened out. That golf course is supposed to be pretty long, so I don't know if I can hit 3-wood around that place. Hopefully I can get that straightened out by next week. I'm hitting my irons pretty good, I'm hitting my wedges good and I'm putting pretty good. Everything is clicking pretty good.

Q. Take us through the first three birdies.
J.B. HOLMES: I hit 3-iron off the 1st hole in the fairway and hit a little cut 8-iron into 1, a little into the wind. I had about six feet, I guess, five or six feet and made that.
And then on 2, I hit my driver and hit it about 95 yards left into the fairway on 2, and I hit a big sweeping cut over the trees with a hybrid in there to about 15, 20 feet and two-putted.
And then on the next hole I hit 3-wood pretty much perfect and hit a wedge, I thought it was really good, and it kind of bounced back a little further than I thought, and I had about 14 feet and I made that.

Q. And then the birdie on the last?
J.B. HOLMES: Hit 3-wood, a little draw around the corner, hit it great, and then I hit a wedge, almost flew it in the hole, spun back to about eight or nine feet and made it.

Q. No. 7, the par-3, what did you use off the tee?
J.B. HOLMES: I hit a 6-iron to about two, three feet.

Q. And 15 and 16?
J.B. HOLMES: 15, I hit a 7-iron just left of the flag. I probably made a 20-footer, 22-footer.
And then on 16, I hit a really good drive down to the bottom there, I hit a 4-iron just onto the back and two-putted from probably 15, 20 feet, something like that.

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