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August 7, 2009

Chris Riley


Q. Just quite an amazing round, front nine, 27. Back nine, 37. Still, you played your way back into the tournament.
CHRIS RILEY: I've never done that before. I've never shot 27 on the front nine? I don't know, what's the record.

Q. Corey Pavin had 26 at the U.S. Bank. But he was only 8-under. And 9-under is the most. So it's tied most.
CHRIS RILEY: I don't know. I mean, walking to 10, you get a lot of thoughts in your head. It was interesting. And I made -- the only time I really got nervous was on 11, 3-putted from like 10 feet. Then I just got kind of pissed off, said just play golf.

Q. When you say you got a lot of thoughts in your head, what kind of thoughts?
CHRIS RILEY: I thought I could shoot 55 today. I was feeling that good. Then it's weird how your mind just turns on you.
It was so easy and effortless. I was feeling great. Didn't really get real nervous. Then the bogey on 10 I just missed clubs. Hit a 9-iron instead of an 8-iron into the green.

Q. Pretty easy to do around here.
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, with the altitude. On 11 I had a brain fart and 3-putted.

Q. After that happened, what sort of mindset did you have after that?
CHRIS RILEY: I told myself I'm 7-under through 11 holes, just keep it going. Anybody will take 7-under through 11 holes. So it was fun, though. I've never experienced -- I felt like I was in the Sunday finals of a TOUR event. So it was good experience.

Q. That's great. Thanks.

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