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August 7, 2009

Jerry Kelly


Q. Well, you made up six strokes, five strokes today.

Q. You were 5-under today, right?
JERRY KELLY: Probably four strokes because I was 6-under -- I was leading, he got to 7. I shot 5-under, so I must have made up only four. Sounds right.
I'm not really worried about leading and things like that. It's only the second round. I feel -- yeah, I came in here just a hair under the weather, just enough for me to think about conserving my energy. And, boy, this worked out well. I may be tapping into something that I may have to do in future events.

Q. What was the biggest difference between yesterday and today?
JERRY KELLY: I'll tell you, not much in ball-striking, not much at all. I had to put a new driver in yesterday, so I probably missed three drives trying to do stuff that normally would have come out, but I didn't know that driver as well. And I really performed with it today. So that was probably the biggest difference.
I just got myself into a little bit of trouble yesterday with solid shots and couldn't really get out of that trouble. Today when I got myself into even the little bit of trouble that I did, I was consistent at getting up-and-down.

Q. How often do you change clubs like that? I mean, to change a driver --
JERRY KELLY: Well, my bag had worn the shaft down where it rests against it. So it's only a matter of time before it snaps, so I wanted to get one in before it snapped, and I think we did that this week.

Q. This course, too, has the narrow fairways --
JERRY KELLY: It's a good test. It's a very good driving test. I'm happy with the way it's performed.

Q. What did you go from, what kind of driver to what kind of driver?
JERRY KELLY: Same driver, Cleveland launcher, 7.5, Srixon shaft. It's the exact same setup. But as we all know out here, there's no exact same setup. Everything is different in every single club. I only had to go through six, seven drivers to find it this time, where many times I go through 30, 40.

Q. Wow.
JERRY KELLY: It's nice.

Q. So the shaft was worn so you could tell --
JERRY KELLY: It was all the way down to the graphite through about four or five layers of paint and all the way through to the graphite. The last two times that's how I've lost my last two drivers, one in my downswing and one putting it back into the back somewhat forcefully but not as hard as I'm known for, and the thing just snapped right there. So that's my biggest problem.

Q. How often do you go through that, to change that?
JERRY KELLY: It seems like about once every three months now it seems to be wearing into the shaft.

Q. Ever think of changing bags?
JERRY KELLY: It's not the bags, you just need to get Greg Hopkins to make a longer head cover, please.

Q. You had your first TOUR win this year since 2002 --
JERRY KELLY: Thanks. Thanks for clarifying that. Scared me for a second there.

Q. You're kind of on the upswing a little bit. What does something like that do for your confidence, coming out and having a good performance early and do you ride off that for a little while?
JERRY KELLY: You always wonder. I'm getting older, I'm 42, going to be 43 in November. You always kind of wonder in the back of your head if you're going to win again. Once you get that in there and you know you're kind of comfortable for a little while, then you can really do some good work out there and change the right things and be confident that you've got time to do that.

Q. You're in position to make a run at the Presidents Cup. Is that in the back of your mind?
JERRY KELLY: No, not really. Freddie knows how bad I'd like to play for him. That's all I need. He knows. You know, for me to worry about it does me no good, so now it's just a matter of playing my game. I'm kind of enjoying the way I'm swinging. I like the way I've been putting, and my chipping is kind of formed from my swing. So I'm happy with the way everything goes. You know, I lost it for 27 holes at Canadian Open, so there's no saying it's going to be there. But getting it back, it's been a real short list, and it's fun.

Q. You've kind of been intent on making some of these teams in the past. Do you feel like that hurt you a little bit?
JERRY KELLY: I work too hard towards my goals, to a detriment. It's what keeps me out here. It's what keeps me young. But it's also a detriment. That's probably the biggest double-edged sword is over-trying. At least I'm not giving up and going home, but sometimes maybe I should.

Q. How much do you plan on practicing tonight to get ready for tomorrow and Sunday?
JERRY KELLY: I'm gone. I'm outta here. See you later. My family came in town.

Q. You're just going out to get dinner tonight?
JERRY KELLY: Absolutely. I'm going to eat. See you later.

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