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August 7, 2009

Rod Pampling


Q. I hate reliving it, but the start of your round was kind of unique and unusual. Birdie at first. Today's off to a good start. Can you tell us what happened, how things happened on 11?
ROD PAMPLING: Good tee. Then we hit 5-wood just short of the bunkers. It was early. A bit of water, and I guess some water came off the golf course because the ball squirted straight right. And found the ball, and it was in front of like in amongst three rocks. But it was accessible, I thought. So I have a crack at the first one. I hit the rock, it bounced over it. The next one I hit it again and it just bladed it.
And it went into, it was just dead. So took an unplayable. So I went back a little bit took an unplayable. Knocked it out. Then came up short in the bunker hit a great bunker shot and kept it in for a nice 9.

Q. You played good out there. Made a few birdies and shot 2-under. Does it give you satisfaction after a start like that to come back and do that?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, that's the problem, obviously I haven't been having 9s, just having holes that have been stopping my momentum big time. And I was really trying my hardest to not let that happen today. And we made a great putt on the next hole, which it kind of gets you straight up. If that putt doesn't go in, then you kind of feel a bit down. But thankfully I made a really nice putt there switched my momentum back on again.

Q. You're not far out of it right now.
ROD PAMPLING: Definitely not far out of it. Obviously it could have been a good round, but still it was a decent round. Got the next two days to fix it up.

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