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August 7, 2009

Oliver Wilson


Q. Obviously not the way you wanted to finish your round?
OLIVER WILSON: No, not really, but it was horrific all day to be honest, I don't actually know how I was under par. It was probably the widest I have ever hit it off the tee and it finally caught up with me at the end there on the last couple of holes. I dropped three shots on the last six holes but I should have dropped way more.

Q. Did, in some ways, you feel the finish you had was coming on all day then?
OLIVER WILSON: Yes it did. Yesterday I didn't feel really good but I managed to hit quite a lot of fairways but today it was just pathetic.

Q. How did you manage to score so well then?
OLIVER WILSON: I have no idea. I got lucky I guess. I hit it all over the place and managed to get breaks or managed to still have a shot. I scored well and my short game was good, made a good couple of up and downs. I managed to hit a few fairways and greens but they weren't good shots, it is just abysmal. I literally had not a clue where it was going on the back nine. I got lucky a few times but a couple of times I missed it on completely the wrong side and short sided myself and didn't get up and down from laying up which you have to do here. There is a lot of work to be done.

Q. It must be frustrating for you?
OLIVER WILSON: Very frustrating because I have been playing really good and then in practice last week everything felt pretty good and then I came here and my body is just all over the place. It is just my alignment and my set-up really, I just feel so uncomfortable. My weight is on my left side and everything is skew-whiff. At the end of the day it starts to feel a bit better and then the next day I come out and it is just as bad again. It is like banging my head against a brick wall at the moment.

Q. Have you gone through spells like that in the past?
OLIVER WILSON: Yes, it has always been my issue, my set up. It shouldn't really be that tricky but it seems to be. I am getting better at managing it but I just don't know. I have played so well recently, prepared well and felt good and then I came out here and it has just been awful. On the up side, it is not a bad position to be in considering the way I have played so I can hopefully keep improving and find some form over the weekend.

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