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August 7, 2009

Alvaro Quiros


Q. Well done today. Just give us your thoughts on what was good about today, the putting in particular I know you were pleased with.
ALVARO QUIROS: Yeah, in general the only thing that changed was the putting. I mean, the greens were quicker and firmer than yesterday, which is good for me. At the same time I have to be honest, I didn't hit the ball better than yesterday from the tee, but I was lucky. Twice I had a difficult chip shot to recover, and I made it. So a lucky day today, yeah.

Q. Your first time here. What are your thoughts of Firestone Country Club?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, it's a good golf course, but they have more good things than just the golf course. I mean, the clubhouse is great, the food over there is good, too, which is good for when we come here. I mean, in general a good experience.

Q. Are you becoming more comfortable over here now?
ALVARO QUIROS: The thing is the only difference between Europe and this, and America, is the company outside the golf course. I mean, inside the golf course I'm very happy. I'm comfortable. In fact, I like more the way to play here in the States than in Europe. But outside, I'm too alone, which is a difficult situation to manage. But anyway, yeah.

Q. Because there's no friends and family around?

Q. Because you're a European Tour player?
ALVARO QUIROS: That's it. Normally when it's a regular American Tour event, not many Europeans are here, which is not a great help. But anyway, this is life. If I want to play here, I have to be able to manage with this idea. We will see.

Q. Are you suggesting we're not your friends (laughter)?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, I knew you one week ago. Come on. (Laughter).

Q. How often do you find yourself hitting driver?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, I have to tell you, I hit the driver more than I thought before to arrive here because the rough is not too heavy. Sometimes I prefer to be a little bit in the rough, but with a wedge, instead on the fairway with an 8 or a 7. These greens are small greens, a lot of movement, which is better to be with a short club.

Q. Have you been in the fairway on 16 yet?
ALVARO QUIROS: Yeah, today. It was a difficult situation, downhill lie, left to right wind, the flag was on the left side, but I hit the 5-wood and I pitched over the green on the bunker. But I made a good recovery shot and I made birdie.

Q. You flew one over the green?

Q. What did you think when you saw that you were paired with Holmes, which is one of the long guys off this Tour? Did you get a thrill out of that?
ALVARO QUIROS: The only thing I can say is it's the second time in three weeks. No, he's a good guy. He hits it very long, of course, way long. He's good company to play.

Q. Who's longer?
ALVARO QUIROS: I think honestly if we hit good shots, both, which is something difficult and very strange (laughter), we are very close. We are very close, I think. I mean, in two or three times I hit a very good driver, and he goes over me about 15 meters, 10 meters, but I didn't hit it well. And the opposite situation, too.
If I have to be honest, the same, probably.

Q. You talked about you're more comfortable here with this style of game. Is it just your distance or something else that you like?
ALVARO QUIROS: In general it's not the distance, it's about weather conditions, with the greens conditions. I don't have to be thinking always in the spin of the ball when I hit shorter clubs. In Europe sometimes you play short golf courses, which is good, because I'm always with short clubs, but at the same time bad because the greens are wetter, so the spin of the ball is too much, so I have to be changing my swing, my speed of the swing.
Here I can be more safety. I can hit it more high, don't be worried about how much it's going to come back, the ball.

Q. Do you ever see yourself some day playing over here 15 times and taking up membership on this TOUR?
ALVARO QUIROS: Yes, why not. Yeah. I should do it now. I'm 26. If I don't do it now, when I'm going to do it? I'm not going to come back to America if it's not my home at 35. So it would be a good idea to come now, yeah.

Q. Do you stay in the hotel a lot when you're over here?
ALVARO QUIROS: Yeah, of course.

Q. Do you stay in the hotel room or do you still go out and try to find places?
ALVARO QUIROS: Yeah, it depends on the places. I play Miami, which is great. I mean, first of all, we can speak a little bit of Spanish --

Q. A little bit?
ALVARO QUIROS: A little bit. I have to say, for still being in America. But very similar culture.
But the rest of the events, if I have to be honest, you don't have many things to do outside the golf course. I've played some of the -- well, I've played Tampa, nice golf course, wonderful resort, but outside I don't have anybody to go with.
Masters is the Masters. You have to be focused, and in my case it wasn't a great idea. But I'm enjoying a little bit more here. We are going out walking or we took the car yesterday, for example, with some of the Spanish guys. I have to experience.

Q. How did you like hitting a persimmon driver on Monday, a wood driver?
ALVARO QUIROS: It was good. I mean, I would like to come back, everybody, with -- persimmon wood driver, it could be great. For me it's easy because I like to shape the ball. Sometimes with the new materials it's difficult to hit a fade or draw, which makes me a little bit less comfortable. But with the persimmon, with the wood, it's easier. You know that it's going to cut for sure, and everybody is going to be shorter than me, either. (Laughter).

Q. How much shorter was it hitting with persimmon versus --
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, I mean --

Q. 60 yards, 50?
ALVARO QUIROS: I hit with the driver the same distance as my 5-wood, so it's a great difference.

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