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August 7, 2009

Stewart Cink


Q. Stewart, wasn't looking good there on your front nine, but played really well on the back. Talk about the day.
STEWART CINK: I did start off with a rocky beginning, 2-over early, and I actually struck the ball pretty well, but just couldn't get anything to fall, and luckily I'm pretty patient out there. It's a tough track. And some good things started to happen around the turn, birdied 2, 3 and 6, and any birdies out there really are -- you're leapfrogging some people out there because the golf course is not easy at all.

Q. Your score, Austin's score, there's not too many coming in that are under par. What's the difference between today and yesterday?
STEWART CINK: Well, there weren't that many low scores yesterday, either. I don't think there's a big difference. But the tough part about the golf course today and yesterday is that the fairways are getting firm, and they all tilt one way or the other, and it's just really difficult to keep the ball in the fairway here. You can hit a lot of good drives, several holes come to mind, 18, 9, 8, 4, 6, those holes, you can hit good drives down the middle of the fairway that don't end up in the fairway, and it's trying on your patience and on your skills.

Q. Do you find a big difference in how people react to you out there?
STEWART CINK: Yeah, there's definitely a big difference, the way they are after winning the Open. I've got a lot more support and a lot of comments from the crowd. It's great. You know, I was hoping that sometime in my life I'd be able to experience that, and it's been a lot of fun the last couple days, and hopefully it'll continue.

Q. I would assume there's funny stuff that they say to you because everybody says they're now behind you when they were rooting for Watson.
STEWART CINK: There has been. Today one guy says, how can you be so -- what did he say? He said, how could you do that, beating up on the old guy like that? I turned to him and I said, "I'm just a mean dude, I can't help it." There's been some good comments like that. I know people were rooting for Watson, and that's fine, I understand that. But at the end of the day I don't think anybody was rooting against me really. I think a lot of people have shown since it's been over and done with that they're very happy that I ended up the winner.

Q. Does this course in any way prepare you for next week?
STEWART CINK: Absolutely. I mean, this is the prime course that you would want to play before any major because it tests your patience. There's some rough out there, the greens are tricky, there's a lot of difficult shots into the greens, it's long. It's got everything a major championship course has, so it's the perfect warmup course.

Q. Will the turf be the same as next week, like the greens, the fairways?
STEWART CINK: They should be the same type of grass. Of course it depends on the way the weather shapes up. But the grass should be the same. Everything should be very similar. It's just a perfect place to warm up for Hazeltine.

Q. Everybody sees you guys playing 18 holes a day for four days here, but how much time do you and the other golfers spend practicing while the tournament is going on?
STEWART CINK: It depends on who you ask. There's guys working on things in their game. They're going to practice for hours and hour both after the round and some before the round. Personally for me I'm not really in that mode right now after the Open. I'm still almost still in conservation mode for energy. I'm not going to spend a lot of energy out there practicing after the rounds. I want to save what I have for the end of this tournament and for next week.

Q. How do you plan on spending the rest of your night then?
STEWART CINK: Well, I've got my boys are here and my wife, so I think we're going to the golf course to play somewhere. I think they're going to play. I'm going to the gym to exercise and work out. They're going to go play golf somewhere and I'll catch up with them. I don't know if I'll play or just ride around and watch them.

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