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August 7, 2009

Woody Austin


Q. Nice playing. If we can just get some opening comments on the day.
WOODY AUSTIN: Beautiful day out, played a lot better than I did yesterday. I just didn't putt as well as I did yesterday. Today was very consistent, very solid. I was only in trouble twice. The first hole I spun it off the green, but I was able to chip it in. The only other problem was I just had a tough shot on 14 and wasn't able to get it up-and-down. Other than that, I hit -- I think I hit probably 15 greens, 16 greens. Never was in any big trouble. Drove the ball good like I did yesterday and just made a few birdies.

Q. You've got to be really encouraged by that.
WOODY AUSTIN: Yeah, I drove the ball great yesterday, but I didn't hit any iron shots real good. I'd hit one, hit five bad ones, hit one, hit five bad ones. Today was a little bit more solid with the irons. I didn't stuff the ball close on the front, but except for No. 3, I hit it about four feet on 3, so I was 2-under after 3, and then pretty boring the rest of the way there, didn't really hit any close. Hit every green from there but didn't hit any close. I had a good chance on 10, 11 and 12 and didn't make any of those. All three of them were probably no more than 10 or 12 feet but I didn't make any of those.
Like I said, 14 I just missed the fairway and hacked it out just short of the green and couldn't get it up-and-down. I hit about -- I don't know, about five feet on 16, five, six feet on 16.

Q. How much time did you spend on the practice greens last night --
WOODY AUSTIN: Oh, on the 18th hole, I missed No. 18, too. That was a good shot, though. I was just in the back fringe.

Q. How much time did you spend on the practice greens last night and what did you work on?
WOODY AUSTIN: I didn't spend a whole lot of time on the practice putting green because like I said, I putted good yesterday. I hit more balls than normal. I don't like to hit too many balls, but I hit a lot of balls yesterday, because like I said, my irons haven't been good for a while, and they weren't good yesterday. But like I said, I only missed two fairways yesterday, so kept the ball in play, where I wasn't chipping out and having to get it up-and-down from 100 yards. I was just having to get it up-and-down from the greenside bunkers and whatever.
I scrambled it around yesterday. What did I make, five birdies, four bogeys, today I only made three birdies and one bogey. A little more solid today.

Q. Everybody says, well, this will be good preparation for next week in the PGA. Is it good preparation, or is that kind of fallback position, I guess?
WOODY AUSTIN: I don't know, it's hard for me to say. I didn't play Hazeltine the last time. From what I hear, obviously it's pretty good because that golf course is real long. This golf course can play pretty darn long for a guy like me because I can't carry over the humps that these guys can that get that extra roll on like 8, 9, all those holes. It's a pretty long golf course for me.
If Hazeltine is as long as they say, then yeah, it's going to be good preparation for me.

Q. And if you continue to play like you did today, seems like you weren't in any trouble at all, that's exactly what's called for next week?
WOODY AUSTIN: Yeah, that's what it's about. Like I said, I hit a couple bad drives. Worst one was on No. 11, got away with that one. I had just an opening that I was able to get it on the right side of the green and I hit an unbelievable shot to probably 12 feet, 12, 15 feet. That was the only bit of trouble as far as off the tee, and then the only problems I had when I missed the green were, like I said, I spun it off the green on 1, I hit a good shot but spun it off the front of the green and I chipped it in. The only other two greens I missed, I missed 14, like I said, and didn't get up-and-down, and then on 18 I hit a wedge and it landed pin high and it jumped all the way in the back fringe.

Q. And at 3-under nobody is going to torch this place, if you were to continue to go 1- or 2-under each day --
WOODY AUSTIN: I'd be happy with that, because like I said, it's a good golf course. It's a tough golf course to shoot four rounds in the 60s because there's such a demand on driving as well as everything else, so I'd take it. I'd take two more 68s and go home or go to the next week. That would be fine with me. Obviously if I play better than that I'd like to get more out of it.

Q. Your score is easily one of the best in this morning round, and usually the morning is the -- at least here yesterday the morning scores were better than the afternoon. I mean, you played well, but can you maybe assess why the scores this morning aren't -- nobody is tearing it up?
WOODY AUSTIN: There's some guys out there playing good, but the golf course is just firming up, that's all. The fairways are running out, the greens were definitely -- the first bounce, like I said, that 18th hole was very surprising, hitting a wedge in there for the ball to bounce that far like it did.
The balls are starting that first bounce, and when you're having to hit a lot of long irons like I do into the greens, that first bounce is hard to control when you're hitting a 4-iron all the time.

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