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August 6, 2009

Rod Pampling


THE MODERATOR: We welcome Rod Pampling into the interview room. Rod, you're the leader in the clubhouse, 5-under 67. You've had some previous success here. You tied for 3rd. And seems like you like the course and you do well here.
ROD PAMPLING: It's a nice course. It fits my eye well. You've still got to hit a lot of good shots. I enjoy courses like that. So far she's been nice to me. Hopefully it will continue.

Q. Talked a few minutes ago about the wind and such. How does this fit in with other places you've played in terms of the severity of the wind?
ROD PAMPLING: Just a few stops that we have that a little bit like this, but just the strength of the wind out here -- it can be blowing 20 straight at you and then all of a sudden it's 20 the other way, which normally you get those little switches when the wind's not so strong.
But, yeah, you're always looking at the trees and hopefully picking the right club, because there was a couple times, thankfully didn't happen to me, but my partners just hit shots and knocked down.
You've got to be on the ball. Always looking up the trees just to make, trusting the club that you've picked.

Q. You said you liked the course; what about it in particular? Is there any one thing you like about it, the reason you've played well here?
ROD PAMPLING: I don't know. There's several things. It fits my eye well. You've still got to think your way around. It's in great shape. So, I don't know, it's something about it that it gels. We'll keep riding it while it does.

Q. The wind's erratic. They seemed to die down somewhat this afternoon; did they, or what was your experience?
ROD PAMPLING: There would be some times when you would hit a shot and have absolutely no wind. A minute later it's 20 mile an hour again. So it was kind of bizarre how it would be blowing so strong and then just totally stop. And then it would go a different way and then stop. Go a different way and stop.
Yeah, it was hard work. Myself and my caddie were definitely working overtime making sure we got the right club.
THE MODERATOR: Six birdies and one bogey on the card. Can you talk about each one of those?
ROD PAMPLING: 4th hole we hit a good tee ball up the left side. Hit 5-wood. Wasn't the best shot, but ended up being in a nice spot, knocked it on to about six-foot. Made that.
On 6, hit a 3-wood 8-iron to about 10 foot. Made that putt. And then 9, we hit a good drive down there. Just on a hang-on, it was one of those wind shots where we thought it was blowing right-to-left. We saw the other two guys hit it. The ball sort of pushed them right. I tried to just trust the wind what we were doing and hit it and it went right like the others. So I really didn't learn much there. Made 6.
Then 11, hit driver 3-wood. We had about 50 meters. Hit that to about four foot. And on 12, hit 7-iron to 10 foot. Made that. 14, hit 3-wood into the trees, left. Came down, hit 7-iron into the bunker right and holed out. On 15, hit driver, small 6-iron, to about 15 foot and made that one.
Q. Where does this fall in the rounds you've played here in terms of success?
ROD PAMPLING: I'm very happy. Obviously it's very difficult out there. Some days -- all I can remember playing in '02 and '3 was calm, a little bit of breeze. Nothing major. But to post that number in these conditions, very happy with that.

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