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August 6, 2009

Scott Verplank


Q. Just talk about a 4-under par, bogey-free, good day out there.
SCOTT VERPLANK: Yeah, great day. Played pretty solid. I got a little sloppy coming in the last three or four holes, but I was able to save pars on those holes. Hit it pretty straight and hit it pretty good. Padraig and I both played pretty well. I think that's one of the best rounds I've seen him play. He really played well. All three of us played good and we kind of cheered each other on.

Q. What's your lowest score here at Firestone?
SCOTT VERPLANK: I don't know. I really don't know. I think I shot 39 on the front nine one time. (Laughing). God, I have no idea. You'd have to look that up. Yeah, I'm okay. I'm 80 percent. I'm always 80 percent. Yeah, I'm doing okay.

Q. The Buick, and I'm trying to remember if you were in Canada or not, it seemed like you were starting to put some good rounds together.
SCOTT VERPLANK: Yeah, I didn't play any good at Buick --

Q. Ever?
SCOTT VERPLANK: Not this year. This year I did not play good at Buick. But the three tournaments leading into Buick, I had Top 10s in all three of them and didn't play so well at the Buick. But I got to go home for four or five days and rest. That must have worked for today.

Q. Did you miss the cut at the Buick?
SCOTT VERPLANK: Yes, I did. It was tough.

Q. Do you feel like your game is rounding into form for next week?
SCOTT VERPLANK: Other than playing two rounds at the Buick Open, in a place I normally play real good, yeah, I had three Top 10s in a row coming into that, so I've been doing things much better. So I'm definitely playing better now than I have for the vast majority of this year.

Q. Not only does it help you when the rest of the group is playing as well as Padraig, everybody was playing --
SCOTT VERPLANK: Yeah, you know what, we were all pretty relaxed, and we had a good time. We had a real nice group. We're all friendly with each other, and we all played pretty well and all had our moments, and really -- consequently it was three really pretty good rounds.

Q. Were you surprised to see that out of Padraig? You probably heard he won a couple of majors last year and then didn't --
SCOTT VERPLANK: Yeah, I've never heard of him before. He's a pretty good player. I know he's struggled a little bit and he's probably gotten a little too much criticism for working on his game, but you know what, he's the only one that knows what he needs to do. Regardless of what anybody else says, he's the only one that knows. If today is any indication, then he's doing something right.

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