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August 6, 2009

Ian Poulter


Q. Just give us your thoughts on today, a good start but maybe a bit surprising considering your form at the Open and even the buildup here to this week.
IAN POULTER: Very surprising start, really. Obviously Turnberry wasn't quite what I wanted, played terrible, and took a week off straight afterward, which was really nice to get away from golf for a week. Started to play a little bit last week, things were feeling okay, and then I got here, and posture, stance, ball position, grip, the whole thing felt awful. I've been working hard on the range the last couple of days to try to get it right.
I got up extra early this morning, did some extra practice which I don't normally do before tournament day with a camera, and I started to feel a bit better.
4-under par through 11 holes was very nice.

Q. Maybe the lack of expectation helped you a little bit?
IAN POULTER: It was. I think you can certainly have too much expectation going into a lot of big golf tournaments, and as we know, it can bite you pretty quickly. To be able to go out there, no expectations apart from really trying to swing the golf club well and trying to make decent golf swings, you find yourself on top of the leaderboard. So pretty happy.

Q. 24 putts today, that really helped out, as well.
IAN POULTER: Didn't realize.

Q. You must have a nice feeling on these greens then.
IAN POULTER: Yeah, I putted lovely. Again, not doing an awful lot of putting practice over the last few weeks, knowing that coming into this golf tournament the greens were always really fast. I done a bit of practice Tuesday, Wednesday, and I started to roll the ball real nice. You need to do that if your golf game doesn't feel quite there. And then obviously I started to hit a couple of good golf shots and then obviously rolling a couple putts in from 30, 40 feet, which always helps.

Q. Talk about the preparation that you get with this course going into next week.
IAN POULTER: Do you know I'm not even -- I haven't even thought about next week, seriously. I'm worrying about my golf game for this week. I haven't even booked a flight for next week yet, so I'm really working on this week. I want to make good golf swings over the next three days and get this week over and done with first.

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