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August 6, 2009

Danny Lee


Q. Danny, talk about your round today.
DANNY LEE: I'm really happy with my round today. I had a few bad shots today, but I made a great up-and-down with it on the last hole. Unfortunately, I hit a good tee shot, but it kicked way right into that dead stuff. It's such a hard golf course to play if you miss the fairway over here. Just I'm pretty happy with bogey on my last hole, and hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.

Q. Is there any intimidation coming out here as a 19 year old and getting a 2-under on this course?
DANNY LEE: No, I think I'm pretty impressive -- impressed with myself, and I'm really happy with what I've done today.

Q. Thoughts on the course overall?
DANNY LEE: Thoughts on the course overall?

Q. Yeah, how it played for you.
DANNY LEE: It's playing really tough out there. Fairways are really narrow and fairways are starting to firm up, so it's really hard to hit it on the fairways. If you miss the fairway in those bunkers and rough out there, it's really tough to hit it on the green from there.
So I think the main thing is I've got to work on my tee shot better, and hopefully I'll do better.

Q. What do you plan on doing for the rest of the night? Are you going to practice a little bit?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, I'm going to work on my driver for a little bit and have a rest and have a fresh morning tomorrow.

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