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August 6, 2009

Jonathan Kaye


THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Jonathan Kaye into the interview room. You had a very nice 68 today and that makes you now a combined 46-under at this tournament. You've had a lot of success here. You've never won, but you seem to play well. What is it about Montreux?
JONATHAN KAYE: It's kind of like being at home in Colorado. A little high altitude golf. I just think I got the right formula for clubbing myself up here.
THE MODERATOR: Talk about the round a little. Very windy, had to be thinking about your shots a lot and taking a lot of things into consideration.
JONATHAN KAYE: Yeah, it was a bit blustery. It shifted around a few times. But all in all I kept it in play. I think I hit one really bad shot on the 6th hole. But other than that I played pretty solid.

Q. You talked about Colorado, the mountains and all. What is it about that? What do you think the adjustment you make that you might know a secret or a trick that other guys haven't learned?
JONATHAN KAYE: It's just knowing how far the ball's going to travel in this thinner air. I grew up in Colorado and played my college golf there. So I had a pretty good understanding of playing high altitude golf. For everyone it's different.
Some guys factor in 20 percent because they hit it high. Some guys go five percent because they hit it low and some are right in the middle.

Q. Can you take us through that stretch birdies on 3, 4, 7 and 9, was it?
JONATHAN KAYE: Yeah. 3rd hole I hit a wedge in about eight feet and made it. The 4th hole, I hit it up there about pin-high in two and had a tricky little chip, hit it up there about a foot.
Then I hit a tree off the tee on 6 and had like 260 and hit a really good shot just kind of pin-high right and kind of a bad chip, kind of an unforced bogey there.
And then bounced back on the next hole. Made about a 25-footer for birdie from behind the hole. Then on 9 I hit it up in front in two and chipped it up there about 12 feet and made it.
THE MODERATOR: Can you talk about your other birdies on the back 9?
JONATHAN KAYE: Let's see. No. 11, that wasn't reachable for us today when we got there. It was blowing kind of right-to-left in. And I had like 60 yards in and hit it about eight feet right of the hole and made that.
13, yeah, 13 I hit a perfect drive. I had like 80 yards into the hole. I thought I hit a pretty good shot. The wind kind of gusted, ended up in the front bunker. And then I flew it in the cup and it popped out to about five feet and I missed it for a bogey.
Then on 17 I had it kind of up in front on the downslope of the side of the bunker and chipped it up just on the back edge of the green there, probably about 15 feet, and made that.
THE MODERATOR: How does a 68 here under these conditions relate to some of the other rounds you've had?
JONATHAN KAYE: Out here? You know, I played pretty nice considering the way I've been playing. So it was nice to make a few putts and get a birdie before a bogey and not be behind a rock before you even really get started. I was pleased with the way I played.

Q. How would you compare the wind today with what you faced before?
JONATHAN KAYE: Well, I played a Pro-Am the other day at Arrowhead. I felt like I was in a blow dryer for six hours.
But I remember some days when it gets windy up here, and you really gotta be aware of which way the wind's blowing, because there's a few places out here you can get in a lot of trouble. But other than that, if you can steer clear of those, you can score around here.

Q. I was reading up, looking through the media guide. You describe yourself as an avid indoorsman?

Q. What specifically does that mean?
JONATHAN KAYE: Well, that means I don't like being outside. I spend my days outside. But when I have my free time I like to be inside.
People don't really read that, you know.
THE MODERATOR: Oh, they love that stuff.
JONATHAN KAYE: I try to change it all the time to keep you guys on your toes.

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