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August 6, 2009

Jeff Quinney


THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Jeff Quinney into the media center. You're the only player to get it to 5-under. A little stubble coming in. But you're playing for the lead right now. How do you feel about your round and the day so far?
JEFF QUINNEY: Overall, very happy. Obviously disappointed the last couple of holes. Downwind par-5 hit a horrible tee shot that got knocked down by the tree. Basically had to lay up twice. It's a tough day out there. I'm really proud of myself. It was 5-under, bogey-free. Pretty smooth. Got tougher and tougher as the day went on.
The breeze kind of seemed to pick up more consistently, and you kind of get in spots where you didn't feel it or you didn't know which direction. Felt like it was swirling a little bit. The greens are firm and fast and it's just an ultimate test.
THE MODERATOR: You've made a few cuts the last few weeks. You feel good overall about where your game is?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, I feel great. I've been in contention in Milwaukee there. Made some cuts. My game's definitely turning the corner. Nice to be in here for a change and off to a better start. I had high expectations coming into this week. Felt my game was on all cylinders, putting. Worked with my coach this week. And I was out here to win this week.

Q. Can you speak to the wind out there. You said it was swirling around and maybe it picked up at the end. You had an early tee time, second tee time of the day. Do you think it might benefit you at the end of the day?
JEFF QUINNEY: It might. It was blowing from the get-go. It wasn't like -- I think it picked up as the round went on, definitely. Who knows what's going to happen this afternoon. But the greens were -- the second off the greens are smooth, the first nine holes.
And it was a little chilly, though, when you hit, tee off a little earlier, had your jacket on for four or five holes, until you tore that off. Usually nobody likes to swing with their jackets on.

Q. Some guys have talked, you've got all the numbers here, you're doing your altitude thing, wind, up, down, do you have any kind of special way or do you rely on your caddie?
JEFF QUINNEY: We work together. We've basically got four different numbers. Basically got your front, your pin. Your elevation and your wind. You're writing down quite a bit. And it kind of slows down play because it's hard to pick a club.
There's so much factor into trust that you can actually hit a 6-iron into the wind a certain distance. When you're used to playing some other way. I actually did hit it long today even into the wind, sent it square. But you're shocked how thin the air is and maybe the wind doesn't affect you as much as you think it does.

Q. Do you have a routine then this afternoon? Do you get some rest?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, same routine; grab some lunch here. Sit down, take a break for 10, 15 minutes. Obviously the wind's a little bit of a factor. Probably won't hit as many balls as you would like to.
Certainly with the left-to-right wind, I usually don't like to hit balls with the range is in that direction. Putting and chipping, and hit a few balls and get some rest and ready for tomorrow.

Q. What did you hit off the last hole? Was it something mechanically you did wrong?
JEFF QUINNEY: I thought it was a great shot. It was a driver. I don't know. Just one of those shots came out of the blue. I felt good with the shot. Was down off to the right. Hoping to make birdie trying to rebound from bogey. One of those things, you hate to bogey a last hole, let alone a par-5 downwind.

Q. What were your birds?
JEFF QUINNEY: Started off the back. 14, 18, 1, 2 and 4. Most of those birdies, I hit it close, but I actually made two long putts on 1 and 2 about 20 feet. And that was probably, got the round going to, hey, this might be something good, and 2-putted on the par-5 4 and made some good par putts on 6 and 7 to keep the round going.

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