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August 6, 2009

Ross Fisher


Q. Thoughts on the day?
ROSS FISHER: It was a decent start but it was a bit frustrating. I felt like I played really good for my front nine but just couldn't get anything going on the greens, didn't hole anything. Then I hooked a drive up the first almost in the water and hit a shocking three wood into the second and I walked off with a par and a birdie! So it was a little bit of a strange day to be honest but level par is a decent start.

Q. You wouldn't have had much chance to play coming in here I presume?
ROSS FISHER: Hardly played at all to be honest. I had two days of practice at home so not as tournament prepared as I would have liked to have been but obviously circumstances have changed at home so that is the way it is at the moment.

Q. That is how you won the European Open though, with no practice round?
ROSS FISHER: Yes it was so hopefully I can do the same again, something similar

Q. When was your baby born?
ROSS FISHER: The Saturday after the Open.

Q. Did you name her anything related to Turnberry at all?
ROSS FISHER: No it wasn't in my mind or Jo's mind to be honest. We named her Eve Rose.

Q. What is it like being a dad?
ROSS FISHER: It is awesome. It is a truly amazing experience, something I'd recommend to any male. We are having great fun. I've only been with her just over a week but even now it is really cool and amazing. It was tough to leave her and Jo but thankfully Jo's mum has moved in for a couple of weeks so she has got family support there. It is tough but this is my job and what I have chosen to do and Jo is happy with that. I am missing her and she is missing me but it is only two weeks and then after that I have three weeks off to look forward to.

Q. Did you find your mind wandering out there?
ROSS FISHER: No, not at all. I was focused on golf out there because that is what I have come to do. As soon as I finish, hopefully Sunday evening next week then golf can be put to the back of my mind.

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