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August 6, 2009

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON: Good finish. Very happy with the day, by far the best I've played since winning The Players, so leaving the course in a good mood. And no, I had a good session with Pete yesterday and we've been working away these couple of days. I feel like I'm getting somewhere and feels like the game is starting to turn in the right direction, both the putting -- I hit a lot of good putts, probably four putts that either just lipped out or were shaving the edges. And really only hit one bad shot today, one tee shot on 4. But other than that it was a lot of high quality golf shots and good putts and a few didn't go in.
You know, when that's the case, you can always leave the course pleased with the day's work. And yeah, I'm going to try to plod away. Obviously if I can find a bit of form this week coming into next week, I'm very happy.
SCOTT CROCKETT: I was going to say, it's the right time to be hitting form.
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely. I hope that's the case.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Are you working on anything in particular or just across the board?
HENRIK STENSON: I've just been struggling with the swing really and fighting a lot of different feelings. Yeah, it just feels like what I do, get a good feeling. And I'm actually hitting the right shots, as well. I finished with a couple of really good tee shots and some solid approaches. I'm quite happy.

Q. Do you like the course here?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it's a great golf course. It plays differently this year. Some of the greens are a little bit slower I'd say. Just it seemed like they had a lot of rain before we came in, so it's playing softer. So it plays longer off the tee, and some of the putts have been a little bit slower than we're used to. But still, when you're above the hole and it's downhill and downgrain, it's very slick. It's a fabulous golf course, it's definitely one of the Top 5 of the year, I'd say. This is my fifth year here, and I love coming back.

Q. And your partner played very well?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah. We started on 10, and then I think he two-putted for bogey on 14 and two-putted for par on 16 off the fringe, which would come down as a one-putt, and he was single putting all the other greens. He was playing pure and solid. I think he was 4-under on the back nine and then made another couple of birdies and then just unfortunately stumbled, missed a short one on 8 and hit a bad second shot on 9. It's one of them. He played good, had a good day, and still a very good score. But it just leaves you with that little bitter taste when you walk off finishing with two bogeys on such a good day.
He's a strong player. He won the Dunlop Phoenix end of last year when I was down there in Japan, and I don't know where he's at in the World Rankings, but he's top 50, right? Yeah, he made the top 50. That win got him in here, but he's right up there and he's a solid player.

Q. Have you played with him before?
HENRIK STENSON: I think I've played with him once before or something like that, but I've seen him around these last couple of years. He's a solid player.

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