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August 6, 2009

Prayad Marksaeng


PRAYAD MARKSAENG: I was really comfortable about my start early in morning, and the greens, even though they're quite fast, but I like them quite fast. When I started in the morning the greens were quite smooth. But coming to the back nine, there were a lot of spike marks on the line all the time, so I missed like four birdie putts on the back nine.

Q. The last of the holes there, how do you rebound from that tomorrow? When you come back tomorrow, how will you rebuild? I know you could have been 6-under.
PRAYAD MARKSAENG: It is all about tee shot. Fairway No. 8 quite narrow, and I cannot see the fairway from tee box. So tomorrow is all about tee shot, and if tee shot is good, okay.

Q. You played well early this year at Doral. Do you like coming over and playing WGC?
PRAYAD MARKSAENG: There are a lot of good players in the WGC events, so like today I played together with Henrik Stenson. Everything is really smooth, really comfortable. It's about comfortable, and I'm really fine with that.

Q. The story about how you got into the game of golf and everything, it's become world renowned, everybody knows about it. What does it mean to you to be on the big stage and really arrive as a big time professional golfer?
PRAYAD MARKSAENG: My life was quite tough when I started playing golf because of the Thai life. Golf is tough, too, so I had to get through it. I mean like from when I was young I got a tough time, and I had to survive, then make myself -- to make my talent out and let everyone see that. If I have no golf, I have no life.

Q. Whatever happened to the bamboo club?
PRAYAD MARKSAENG: I'm good with a Callaway club.

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