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August 2, 2009

Loren Roberts


LOREN ROBERTS: I got off to a great start and I got past the sixth hole today for one thing.
You know, I just felt good this morning. I got in a good rhythm on the range, and obviously I got off to a great start. You go 4-iron under the first four and you think anything is possible.
So I got a good little birdie on the first hole then I got off the tee on two and pulled a wedge right in the bunker for an eagle, and there you go. Then hit two really good shots, made a birdie there and probably the hardest, the front nine today playing into the wind. When you do that you just keep going.
I was lucky I didn't get in the way of myself today and just kept it going.

Q. (No microphone.)
LOREN ROBERTS: I mean, I make it from having maybe 15 feet, green feet out of the fringe at 13, you don't think you are going to make that, but it goes in, then hey I just knew that 14 -- for me, it's 14, 16 and 18 have been the key holes for me driving the ball this week.
I just didn't play aggressively enough. Hit it through the fairway up the right side at 16 laid it up short of the green and didn't get it up and down -- I mean, 14.
Then I just hit it -- came back really, really good. Birdie at 15. Really had a chip that I thought might have had a chance to go in for three there at 15. And I think the deal for me was I hit in there four-and-a-half feet at 16. Had a good left-to-righter up the hill. I hit a good putt; I just didn't play enough break and it rolled low of the hole and there you go.
Freddie is just making a run. So that I was pretty much trying for second or third, to be honest with you.
But, hey, a really good round. It was nice. I made a nice up-and-down at 18 to save a really good round.

Q. You touched on Freddy. Seems to be real popular with the group. How is it to see somebody like that win a championship?
LOREN ROBERTS: It's awesome. Its great. He is great with the crowd, with the fans. He is animated out there. He gets them into it.
As good as he hits them, when he is on a roll and gets that putter going he hits as straight as any man on the planet. That's what you got do at an Open Championship because the rough is so tough.
When he does that and gets the putter going, you see what he is doing. Going lights out.

Q. (Question about someone making ten birdies in an Open?)
LOREN ROBERTS: Hey, we all get lucky. That rain softened the course and you could play more aggressively to the pins. I think that's what enabled me to shoot a low score today and just being able to play more aggressively at the pins.

Q. 62 ever sneak back into your mind?
LOREN ROBERTS: To be quite honest with you, when I was 9-under and hit it four feet at 16, sure did. I just kept telling myself, just put another one in the bank, you know. I just told my caddy, let's just keep putting them in the bank and see what happens.

Q. Overall impression of this course, this layout this week?
LOREN ROBERTS: It's a really good course. It was a very fair set-up. This graduated rough that they had here, I just think is really a fair set-up. Even the first cut with the type of grass they have here, it's tough to play at. I hit a couple squirrely shots even at the first cut because it's thick and it's tough.
But I do like the graduated rough. I just think it's really fair. I mean, if you hit a drive that's two yards offline versus somebody that hits it, you know, 20 yards offline, it's nice that you get a little bit of a break if you are just two yards out of the fairway.

Q. Do you feel fatigued?
LOREN ROBERTS: No, I feel pretty good. I'm ready to go. Sorry we're not playing next week now.
Q. Winning the Senior British and (inaudible)?
LOREN ROBERTS: It was great. I don't know what happened yesterday. I felt good all week. I haven't felt tired or anything. I just got out of sync yesterday and made a tough double there at the sixth hole from nowhere. And just never recovered. Couldn't get any rhythm going and couldn't finish yesterday. And I don't know, other than that, I just played really, really good this week.

Q. I know you describe this as fair out here. Did you expect it to be tougher though?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, I thought come the weekend -- I think the first couple days I thought they were going to give us something, you know. After all we are all over 50. So I thought they were going to give us a couple of bones, you know. And then on the weekend I thought it would get tough. But I think it would have been much tougher today had we not had that rain out there.
With that rain last night, it kept the greens soft enough that you could spin the ball up there.

Q. Guys over 50 can play, though, right?
LOREN ROBERTS: Without question the guys can play.
You know, I don't know what the yardage of the golf course was but you could tell me, was it 7200 or something like that?

Q. 73.
LOREN ROBERTS: The ball's chasing down the fairway pretty good. Even at 73 with the ball chasing, I think just about everybody here was in the game distancewise.

Q. Does that really help a guy like Freddy who is going to hit it down the fairway when he is getting an extra 20 or 30?
LOREN ROBERTS: No question. But that's what the U.S. Open is about. It's about putting the ball in the fairway and putting the ball on the green. If you can put the ball on the fairway, you need to get rewarded.
I think firm and fast is the way to play it. You know, there's a lot -- we had fairways here that got some movement to them. If you can get the ball going the right direction down the fairway, you should deserve to get the ball running out there for you.

Q. (No microphone.)
LOREN ROBERTS: I looked, I think he was at 15. And, what, did I get to 12 there, I think. I said, well, never know. My main thought was trying to get past 14. I said if I get past 14 here with a four, you know, the game's on.
But, you know, all in all I really didn't really let up off the gas, you know, all day. Just that little putt at 16, if I make that for birdie, you never know. But, heck, I was happy to make a good up and down for par on 18.

Q. (No microphone.)
LOREN ROBERTS: It hit me right in the middle of my back stroke. Just hit me. I looked at my caddy and said Wish I would have waited. But you can't -- those things just happen. That's what's great about championship golf. I mean, that's what's happens.

Q. Five years from now when you are looking back on this tournament, what's the last thing you will remember?
LOREN ROBERTS: Probably the way I got started today, you know. I just remember being here in '91 and really -- you know, I don't know where I finished, even par, I think, in the tournament.
I don't know where that was in the field, but never ever really being in the tournament because John was playing a different golf course. I think being here this year I'll -- coming in here and winning the week before was a huge lift. I think I'll probably take that with me, coming in as the winner from the previous weekend.
64 last round, how can you do better than that? I thought I could really dial a nice one up today, you know, get back up in the top-ten, get some Schwab Cup points and, you know, just kept going. So it was good.

Q. (No microphone.)
LOREN ROBERTS: I think the JELD-WEN Tradition tournament.

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