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August 1, 2009

Joey Sindelar


THE MODERATOR: 12-under par for the Championship, Joey Sindelar.
JOEY SINDELAR: I think you're right, it's still a blur. Hi, everybody.

Q. How was day?
JOEY SINDELAR: Great day, had a great playing partner. Of course, as we expect, it's tougher each time around and competition gets tougher each time around. We're at the end of the tournament, there is a lot left to happen, so who knows. Somebody is going to do it, though, it's going to be a good group.

Q. Talk about the four of you guys separating yourself from the pack. What are you going to have to do to put yourself in the winner's circle?
JOEY SINDELAR: Minimize mistakes, of course. I had a couple of bogeys out there, stuff is going to happen. You're probably going to get one or two on a good day, but you've got to cut it off at that point, not get carried away. The greens are speedy enough and noisy and just noisy enough that you can get putts that are very hard.
You can get in trouble, you just got to try to take it in small doses and get back on offense and make your birdies when you have a chance, I think.
Unless the wind comes up tomorrow, I would expect -- I'm sure the four of us would expect to have to shoot, who knows, 68 or better. It's tough, because the closing holes are so difficult anything can happen. I'm not trying to predict a score but I will say that nobody expects to shoot 70 tomorrow and win, I would go that far.

Q. Do you feel confident going into tomorrow?
JOEY SINDELAR: I feel good. It's been a good week, the cup is getting in the way enough and it's been fun. I would certainly love to be ahead by 5 or 6, in the coasting mode, but a lot of work to do.

Q. You minimized a mistake and recovered to save bogey. Can you go through that hole?
JOEY SINDELAR: Yes, funny, it's a good tee shot, with the tee up, it's not as difficult. I went around the corner and was in between clubs, 8 and 9, and I was in a divot with a little bit of a baseball lie with the wind right to left. So I say all that because it was complicated.
The shot that got me in position for the lovely pitch-out was weird. And I couldn't hit the club I wanted. I wanted to hit a firm 9, so I babied the 8 and hung it out and got in the spaghetti. And usually if I'm going to shank it's not out of that lie. I don't know what happened there. Probably just looked like somebody who was between chipping methods, which I am.

Q. The next chip seemed like it was difficult, compared to the first one. How was that?
JOEY SINDELAR: It was an entirely different kind of chip. You know, the ball was cleaner, and turfier, and I had a long runway. It was a much easier shot, but Tim did give me "most improved" award after the second one, so I got that working for me.

Q. Anybody in the crowd make a wise crack?
JOEY SINDELAR: No, they were very kind, nobody laughed, that I could hear. Hopefully someone laughed; hey, it's golf, stuff happens.

Q. How do you think Tim handled himself?
JOEY SINDELAR: Oh, great. You can tell he's played a lot of championship golf. Everyone I spoke to about him, really nice guy, great son on the bag. My son and I did that last week so I know those feelings, so obviously they're sharing a great time together out there.
And then in terms of golf, no weaknesses. He drives it well, he gets it out there way far enough. All of his categories were very good, and I'm going to ask him for some chipping lessons, because he pitches the ball, too. I can see why his resume looks so good. Don't count him out, I mean here. He's not done. Don't count him out.

Q. Was today tougher?
JOEY SINDELAR: Seemed like the greens were firmer but it was more of the same. The wind has gone first and third days, matched up, and the second day was different but pretty true to form. Just, you know, the nerve endings are different as the tournament progresses, we do different stuff to ourselves.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Joey.

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