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August 1, 2009

Greg Norman


THE MODERATOR: 12-under for the Championship here, Greg Norman.
GREG NORMAN: Played nicely today, yep, probably the worst score I could have shot.

Q. What's your mind-set going into tomorrow?
GREG NORMAN: Keep hitting it to where I'm hitting. I'm driving the ball long and straight, and Freddy made the comment that I'm driving the ball like I used to do it. And so it's a good feeling when you get up on any tee and hit it the way you feel like you can hit it.

Q. Enjoy today?
GREG NORMAN: Yeah, I did. We both spurred each other on. And if I play well, he plays well. And it's always very comfortable to play with somebody you like playing with.

Q. You're in a similar situation, the two of you, in that you were leading off 54 last week, and he ended up in the playoff; how much energy does it take to do that?
GREG NORMAN: Last week seems like three months ago, to tell you the truth. It's hard to believe that we were outside London on last Saturday night. But it goes to show you, if you keep playing well week in week out, you're going to give yourself an opportunity to win a golf tournament, and that's what we're both trying to do and everybody is trying to do.
So what happened a week ago is long gone, and we're both going to be trying to win one tomorrow.

Q. What's the biggest obstacle the course will pose tomorrow?
GREG NORMAN: We have to wait and see what the weather looks like tomorrow. We'll wait ask see.

Q. Did Fred steal one of your shirts?
GREG NORMAN: No, he's been wear wearing my shirts for a while. We give him the shirts, and he doesn't have to pay for 'em. He's got plenty; right?

Q. If you could win this tomorrow, what would this championship mean in retrospect to the others that you've won?
GREG NORMAN: I'll answer that question tomorrow if it happens, okay, how about that.

Q. Tell us about the eagle on the back nine.
GREG NORMAN: Beautiful drive down there. I had 187 left to the flag and just had to hit a solid 6-iron into the green. I was trying to land it short, basically in front of the pin, so it released forward. I didn't want it to go anything past flag high, and short was good, and if I hit it perfect it was going to be flag high, and a putt broke outside the right edge. One of those that I read right and it went in.

Q. Do you feel tournament tough now? Tougher than last week?
GREG NORMAN: Tougher than last week, yeah, today was a good day for me.

Q. You're ready to go?
GREG NORMAN: Yeah, yeah. Thanks guys.

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