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July 31, 2009

Dave Schultz


JOE CHEMYCZ: We are here with David Schultz, 3-under par 68 today, 7-under par total, 135, one of three co-leaders, and David, you had a shot at solo first there at the final hole. Maybe just talk a little bit about that putt.
DAVID SCHULTZ: Well, I kind of pulled my gap wedge a little bit coming in there and put it above the hole, so I kind of guaranteed myself that I would get it to the hole. But unfortunately slid past the right side and actually left myself a little tester coming back but was able to handle that.
It would have been nice to go in, but par at the last hole is not bad to cap off the day.
JOE CHEMYCZ: You talked about your strategy for the golf course, and taking away big numbers.
DAVID SCHULTZ: Yeah. It's just you don't necessarily have to cut it over that bunker or have to go at that pin. The greens are receptive, kind of if you have to aim away from it, do it, and I've been fortunate to roll in a couple putts of length this week, and you need to do that to be in good position, I think.
So far the first couple days I've saved a couple shots around the greens and made a couple putts of length.
But yeah, if you can make par option birdie instead of getting a little greedy and putting yourself in a position where you can make bogey, that's what I'm trying to do, trying to make a par option birdie.

Q. Any big putts today or crucial holes?
DAVID SCHULTZ: Yeah, my eighth hole of the day, I hit it above the hole on 17, the par-3, and I hit a great putt. Don't get me wrong, but it had some steam and hit the back of the cup and jumped up. It probably would have been about 12 feet by, so that was a nice one to get in there and kind of gave me a little shot in the arm. That put me to 6-under total with ten holes left on the day.
But that was nice, when you know you hit a good putt and you hit it a little bit too hard and it still catches the hole.

Q. When it left the club face did you know it was going that fast?
DAVID SCHULTZ: Not right away, but it didn't lose speed at wall. When I was about four feet from the hole it was one of those things, just stay on line, just stay on line, and it hit the middle of the hole. So that was nice.
Other than that, no real key shots, just kind of tried to put myself in position and kind of work my way around the golf course, and I was able to do that today.

Q. How far was that putt on 9 that you had above the hole?
DAVID SCHULTZ: Last hole of the day? It was probably about 15 feet.

Q. And how far did you go by?
DAVID SCHULTZ: About two and a half, three feet, which you don't want to leave yourself those late in the day on wet conditions. I mean, it bounced in there. Nonetheless, it went in there.

Q. I know you're not in the same conference, but TCU and Oklahoma State, do you run into each other at tournaments often?
DAVID SCHULTZ: Well, not Rickie. I'm too old. I'm an old man. But yeah, absolutely, sure.

Q. Rickie and Chris Tidland are up on the board.
DAVID SCHULTZ: Yeah, I'm kind of right between those guys, actually. Coach Holder and Coach Montigel are great friends, and so it seemed like we were at a lot of the same tournaments when I was back in college with Oklahoma State. But like I said, I'm younger than Chris and older than Rickie, so I'm kind of right in between there. They have an unbelievable golf program, there's no doubt. They just keep producing great golfers.
One thing -- I'll speak for the other guys, as well, out here, there's five guys this year that played at TCU that have status. J.J. Killeen in fact last week took fourth, and we played three years of golf together. The Horned Frogs, there's a little presence out here.

Q. Last year you had a guy from Columbus caddying for you, teammate.
DAVID SCHULTZ: Yeah, still is. I'm 26, he's 22. I was a fifth-year senior and I was done with my college golf and I was just finishing up school when he was a freshman. So we got to know each other then, and he's from here. He's a big help on the bag. I'm saying at his house with him and his family. It's just a comfortable week. When I didn't think I was going to get in the tournament I was actually just as disappointed I wasn't going to get to see them. It's just such a perfect setup. They take care of me, I didn't have to rent a car, I'm rolling with Tom around town, he's caddying for me. It's just perfect.
He knows the golf course. He's a heck of a golfer himself. I usually don't have caddies. I never have caddies help me reading putts, and he's on every single putt. I'm trusting him out there. I'm doing everything I can to tell him, hey, just come on the road with me for a few weeks.

Q. He doesn't caddie full-time for you?
DAVID SCHULTZ: No, no, he just finished school, so he's kind of in between things. He's working at a local golf course here. We've talked about it, but we're kind of wrapped up in something else right now. I'm sure we'll talk about it after the tournament. I would love for him to come out for a few weeks for sure.
JOE CHEMYCZ: Thank you.

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