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July 31, 2009

Bruce Vaughan


THE MODERATOR: 6-under, Bruce Vaughan.

Q. Nice playing, kept yourself in good position.
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Yeah, started off good, got a good up and down on 12 and played so-so; made a bogey on 16; close on 17, missed that; and three-putted 18, okay.
I go over to 1, started off three-putting that, and then it was a struggle and I lost the speed of the greens, and I left it short or choked it by. Struggled to make pars. I hit a good drive and a good second shot in there on 8 and about 4 feet and made that for birdie and hit a good second shot in there and two-putted 9, so I turned it around.
Anything under par is pretty good score, I think.

Q. Struggle, struggle, you're five shots back from the lead, is that better than you thought you would be?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I was just hoping to finish there for a while. But, hey, like I say, anything under par. There are two days left and, you know, seems like it's drying out and getting faster and harder, so, you know, you never know what can happen here.

Q. You put yourself in a position for Sunday, you think?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I just need to play like I did earlier. I just lost it in the middle there for a little bit and was struggling with the pace, so I'll get that back and try to do what I've been doing, been playing all right, just got to make a few more birdies, I guess.

Q. The pace of the greens, have they remained consistent and you lost it a little bit?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: They were slower than what I expected when we came here. I played in the last two weeks the British Open and I figured these greens would be faster and they've speeded up a little bit, but they're not as fast as what I'm used to playing in the USGA tournaments. But the speed is getting faster, and then I had one where I raced it by the pin and I was shell-shocked.

Q. What do you think about Tim Jackson, leading at 11 under as an amateur?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Hey, it's, you know, golf is golf. Must be a good player, qualified to get in here somehow and he's played well, but there are two days left so you never know what can happen.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Bruce.

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